PAK ARMY Drama: Alpha Bravo Charlie – Part 9

Pakistan’s BEST MILITARY DRAMA EVER: ABC (Alpha Bravo Charlie are the names of three companies in the PAK ARMY). As requested, this drama is with English Subtitles, so you Ex-Pats can also enjoy it as much as we do :-) Watch Lt.FARAZ, Lt.KASHIF and the one and only Lt.GULSHER have adventures of their own. Any one interested in seeing how life is in the PAKISTAN ARMY, then this is the Drama to watch! Or If any one is interested in asking some Questions to one of the stars starring in the Drama such as SHAHNAZ and SANDRA then join the group “Alpha Bravo Charlie People” and ask your questions to them Directly :-) Alpha Bravo Charlie People SINDHI HUM-BALOCHI HUM-PUNJABI HUM-PATHAN HUM AIK PARCHAM KAE NEECHAE PAK FAUJ KAE JAWAN HUM! ??????? ???? ??? Drama Courtesy:

  • DaWanderer

    i love the humor in this show.? and the dialogue is amazing also. they don’t make shows like this anymore in pakistan :(

  • PakiEagle1

    what does it mean plzz?

  • TheRaza027

    bechara? gulli…:)

  • fragrantsoul19

    shehnaz’ scene……….i just fell in love? instantly. Amazing yar amazing. “naye naye PMA se chhutay hen, normal hone men thora waqt to lage ga”.

  • mobeenjeem

    one of? the reasons i joined Army was this Drama… My fiance saw this drama and asked me to join army if i wanna marry her

  • xndon

    “When the going gets tough, the tough get? going” altho i never heard that saying during my service as a marines. idk why people associate this with Marines, may be some movie or song.

  • ahmedsiddiqi90

    Remount depot! good old? days! used to ride horses from the PAF Stables

  • ranakhan091

    I like this drama so much. I watched this serial more than 20 times. And i am worried about this that what kind of attraction in this? serial which is catching me time to time. now i downloaded this serial i am realy enjoying to watch such of good serial.

  • MsAbc1236

    bak? na oye hahah

  • Farhan Ahmed

    excellent drama?

  • sweetrawker

    I have? this HUGE crush on Gulshair :D

  • zbpaki

    haha.? all i know is she’s my ex high school principal’s daughter

  • sehrishsaddozai

    wow! what do you guys watch it? to learn about Pak army??

  • enigmaticsan

    he he..kitna *mukhtalif* sa drama hai na yeh..! :)?

  • aklimia1

    how can i download these parts, my grandmother is cripple and she wants to see it, so i was thinking if i can download all the parts and show her in? one go?

  • BilalNiazi123

    great drama?

  • WarriorRajput

    The great drama, for? our nations. if all young men of pakistan, same like that, Allama Iqbal saying, Fakhar mujhay oun jawano paar joo daltay haeen sitaron paar kamand…. lot of thanks. Capt. Babur.


    poor Faraz…?

  • hindukiller1

    zabardast? drama hy yar

  • MrAwais11

    salute to? army.

  • luckslave

    GulSher to giya..?

  • nia waj

    faraz n? kashif r gr88888888….. i saw this when m in class 3…. best drama ever

  • asifali119

    it is requested to pray? for me too
    i too wanna become a army officer

  • asmatariq99

    kashif? kitna funny hai naaa???

  • asmatariq99

    hahaaa. kitna cute hai na hahaaa. 9th time dekh rahi hoon ye drama. har dafa dekhne main pehle se ziada maza? aata hai… pakistan ki thareekh main sab se acha drama hai

  • zainabzubairi

    poor Gul Sher,? he is soo cute and Kashif is hilarious :D

  • Farshoo

    i love gul sher? he is so cuteeeeeeeeeeee

  • xxxxxplorer

    The great drama of ARmy :? )

  • Ssweetgal123

    I luv this drama, I? m seing it after such along time.

  • Sain Shaada

    Miss Shehnaz..Where he belonged? is? it Islamabad

  • gulabjaman

    LAMO@ kuch hee din howay hain? insanoon main ayee howay…hahaha

  • F17thunder


  • F17thunder


  • fakharisl

    Pak Fuj ko Salam?

  • F17thunder

    OMG OMG SHAHNAZ OMG PLZ PLZ DONT mind my comments maaan OMG i can’t believe tis :-0 I sent FF16 so many PM’s to remove these comments of mine but he just laughed back maaan >>> HOW ON EARTH was i gona know tat u were gona b on YouTube >>> Ur Husband is gona KILL ME if I evr come? 2hav ur Autograph :-(

  • sksmile

    Dude! You should’ve wished for a million? bucks! I can’t believe this…hehehehe…:P

  • F17thunder

    AHHH Maaaan…my princess where ruuuu? :-(
    (pls GOD help me find? Shehnaz)

  • shahjee1980

    yes mate i m sure she is in usa becaz when they arranged the ABC show in the end of drama i went to attend that show with my uncle who works in president house in pakistan i had the vip pass i also wanted to meet with the whole cast? but i came to know there that she is gone to usa. And Cpt Kashif also left the army after that then i came back to uk then i dont dont know either khan sahib is still in army or left like capt kashif

  • LongLivePakistan

    Mona in Panjabi means shaven. I wonder the meaning of this station is? the same lol

  • fightingfalcon16

    LOL sorry mate,i? can’t help you in that, you’l have to find her youself!