Bilqees Kaur Ep11 Hum Tv Drama

Bilqees Kaur’ is the story of Bilquees and Iqbal Bhatti, a Pakistani-origin couple with a conservative lifestyle that has been living in New York for 30 years. To maintain their traditional ways, the couple gets their son and daughter married into Pakistani families. However, the younger son, Sultan, thinks differently and chooses the bold and confident Soha as his wife. What happens to Bilquis and Iqbal Bhatti’s family after this marriage? What kind of chaos does Soha go through? To find out, watch, Bilquees Kaur’. Cast: Bushra Ansari (Billo),Khalid Ahmed (Iqbal), Ahsan Khan (Sultan), Syra Yousaf(Soha),Kashif Mehmood(inayat),Sadia Iman (Pareveen),Nadia Afghan(Mumtaz),Adana Gillani(Zia),Saleem Writer: Faiza Iftikhar Director: Adnan Ahmad