Zindagi Gulzar Hai – LIVE Transmission – Complete 1:14 Hour – 24 May 2013 – On HUM TV

Zindagi Gulzar Hai – At Last Episode – Special LIVE Transmission……… Zindagi Gulzar Hai  is a 2012 Pakistani romantic and social drama …

  • neymarmasters

    mehreen is stunning ?

  • yasir anwar

    zindagi? gulzar hai besahq

  • janab11

    bro there are so many other soap beside this? one…

  • Fozia Rocket

    Its an amazing drama serial its a amazing story and also I love the background music?

  • Mahwish Siddique

    I personaly love to watch? only Fawad Khan …

  • Ahsan Rizvi

    It’s realy very nice drama serial. I have? watched its all 26 episodes within two days.

  • Yasmeen S

    I am frm mumbai.love watching Paki Dramas..and this one is my fav too..Love everyone in the show…except the host..She is so damn irritating throughout the show..she dsnt let others even complete their? sentences..Fans watch the show for the actors not for the host..She really sucked as a Host. Good luck and many congratulations to the whole team..May ALLAH bless everyone.

  • tayyab munawar

    realy I appreciate all over team realy realy nice story I also watch this drama? all apisod only in two days irealy thannkful to u who uploaded these videos

  • Waqas Ahmed

    plsss miss nafisa abb app itna pyari aur smart nahi tu pls dun get jealous wid her.. m a big fan? of her…

  • Nafisa Saleem

    such a beautiful transmission show bt d host sanam really sucked? reuind d whole joy

  • mujahidnazir1mn

    It feels like dat sanam? saeed iz a big fan of ali zafar

  • Sami Jan

    fawad pakistani? dramas best actor

  • Sami Jan

    as ma larki ka rol acha nahe ha fawad ka kam acha? ha

  • samaira malik

    I loved sanam jung as? Sila so much

  • Kashif Abbas

    Azhar khan watch Khuda? Aur Mohabbat you find it best drama ever

  • Azmat Samee

    it was? L?vly serial & transmission…loved the whole team of ZGH …and specially HUM TV (y)

  • ukz1punjabiprincess

    Sanam jung is such a cow… she spoke so much,? gave so many breaks…

    I felt not everyone in the show got to speak much arghhhh

  • Fariha Lala

    i live sanam jung. i did nt knw? her real name. i hve just got nw n i am happy!!!!!!!

  • Fariha Lala

    it was nice and enjoyable. fawad is? just an ideal!!!!!!!!!!

  • mixu2388

    kya bkwas live transmission? hy, itni achi cast, acha drama but transmission sucked…

  • shanzay khan

    I always wish that,I will? met umaira ahmad once in my life time.

  • shahzaibiss

    1:01:52, best? scene of the show! Wah wah wah hahaha

  • santroza kumar

    Lovly drama..?

  • santroza kumar

    Love the serial?

  • khadija malick

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr? i willlll misss u

  • fahim shahid

    Like tau banta hy guys,? awesome serial, loved it each episode….

  • maria khan

    All the time when i watched ZGH.I was all the time just smiling and? feeling like stupid but i can’t stop smiling.i hope other people feel like the same.

  • maria khan

    i love kashaf’s character and sila’s.they both are spectacular actors.(now actors & actresses are called the same i mean actors) ?

  • imran abbas

    thxxx ! vry happy when same body like Pakistani dramas? thxx a lot its really means a lot to me !

  • ameer sabir

    iT waS sO bEauTifuLL? .. pAshTo sONG

  • madhumK008

    Wow, this is the most relaxed I’ve seen Fawad look in an interview. Usually,? he’s so stiff and quiet. Seems like the cast really gels wells offscreen. :)

  • aqsa akhter

    yp brothr u r right…our pakistani drama? indstry is amasing and zindagi gulzar hai is ausum….

  • ZiYa pyaar

    Keep countinue thanks.
    Good? job

  • faizcube007

    You should also check out Dastaan from fawad, and many more dramas like Mirat-ul-aroos, kahi un kahi, Mata-e-Jaan, Yahaan pyar nahi? hai, Berukhi and many more of the finished dramas. There are also many good ones that are airing right now like Tanhai, Dil-e-Muzter, Humnasheen, Kankar, Adhoori Aurat, Berukhi and etc..

  • NaNa Chu

    she talks so much and I wish she would stop flipping her hair? every second xD

  • ZeM Saif

    ***Correction “Janan” by? Hadiqa :D

  • ZeM Saif

    Pashto song was ”jana” by Hadika?

  • Azhar Khan

    ok…i have finished watching khuda aur muhabbat and then i watched humsafar then i watched hadd? telefilm of fawad khan and right now i have completed 11 episodes of sehr-e-zaat,

  • Nasar Ahmad


  • immigreat54

    Umera Ahmed is such a simple n wonderful person, and a great writer too :)?

  • Salma Ahmed

    Ali Zafar’s voice!!! UFFFFF ?.? When he sang paalana in the show I recognized it was him singing? it? :D alaa and oohoo LMAO 51:55 I wanna kno that Pashto song… anyone know it?

  • Salma Ahmed

    to bad he’s married?