Yahan Pyar Nahi Hai Ep1 HumTv Drama

Yahan piyar nahi hay is the story of a miserable couple — Saim and Haleema. Saim does not like his wife, Haleema and never loses any opportunity to humiliate her. Another character in the plot is Haleema’s cousin, Shumaila. Shumaila lures Saim towards her and away from Haleema. Does Shumaila’s brother Sabih, mange to save Saim and Haleema’s marriage? What will be the future of Haleema and her children? To find out, watch HUM TV’s new serial, ‘Yahan Piyar Nahi Hay’. Cast: Saba Qamar, Junaid Khan, Mavra, Huaira Zaheer, Farah Zeba. Director: Faheem Bauney Writer : Faiza Iftikhar Production: Mushroom Production

  • saman8100

    saim is such a stupid and hilaious person a? wizard ahahahaha

  • Kat Syed

    Saim is such a retard…. if i was in Haleema’s shoes, i would? have kicked his ass aur kab ki chor kai chale jati…. .. Ugly man.. Haleema is soo pretty

  • Kat Syed

    hahah bilkul sahi kaha…. Maat mai tu yeh? opposite ti Saba =p

  • Humashaharyar


  • teh link

    this is so wrong ..yeh kis tarah ka ajeeb dastoor hai..sum desi guys treat their wives as if they are slaves and not humans..and even their families dont? bother to say anything to them..thank god for the good ones..but this needs to change..seriously cuz it does happen in real life as well..so sadd..

  • Sumera Lakhani

    this is my story…unfortunately but atleast my husband does love me and i will beat? the crap out of anyone who comes near my relationship like that be it my own cousin…who it was…stupid cow…so sad.

  • sehraizapr


  • Adnan Afzal

    i like saba so much…..?

  • haris king

    my mom used to watched pk serials it’s my first one hope it’s? good…..

  • 11thEye

    my mom watches it i am right now wating for? the coumputer

  • xaINY RULex

    akrooooooooooo? sala

  • pehlikiran09

    lol saba ..aur? ghar ke kaam

  • myaseen001

    hehe actually isliye kaha mene woo ghar k kaam kar? rahi hain na :P

  • junejo22

    nice? darma

  • SameeraAdnan

    I hve seen maat that’s y em surprise to know tht how can saman? b lyk aimen :p

  • myaseen001

    haha app? ne nahi dekha drama MAAT?

  • junejo22

    very veryu? very nice darma

  • Faizan Ahmad

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  • Saad Khan

    nice drama?

  • SameeraAdnan

    ary really? saman aur aiman phir tu dekhna puray gA :)

  • myaseen001

    haha aray wah is drama me to saman? aiman bani hoi hai :)

  • maryarmaan16

    love it thnkx for posting :)?