Watch Zindagi Gulzar Hai OST HUM TV Drama

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  • joo moo

    #songs #download #mp3 #tv #drama
    Zindagi Gulzar Hai OST song HUM TV Drama downlaod?

  • Matti Rana

    My Favorite One….?

  • mkhan888

    why da hell did they cast this KALO . mun na matha, jin paharon latha.

  • Wajiha Usman

    <3 the song n both r gd

  • Zaheer Abbas

    Casting is so perfect. It seems Umera Ahmed wrote the novel by considering
    them in her mind.

  • ayesha kaif

    Sanam Saeed is awesome..Love her :)

  • showbizz pak

    yup she is pretty

  • BluegreenBlue10

    Absolutely loving this drama!!!

  • Aqua Seep

    Uff i just loved it and fawad look awsome in the video i cant wait to see
    them together

  • Sheraz Khaliq

    owwwssmmmmm. hope it will be also super hit

  • Asad malik

    heart touching song hadiqa kiyani sing very well .we proud of her

  • jahan ahmed

    we like this song… has great poetry .

  • javeryarules

    Up to episode 4 but looking at this I can’t wait

  • mkhan888


  • chisin4eva

    drama and acting — good…but fawad pouts a lot….i mean A LOT

  • sanjay negi

    Nyc song :)

  • assd007

    sanam is super actress and perfect couple with fawad

  • Sanna I

    Sanam saeed is beautiful

  • Alizah Khan

    yea right but if you have read the novel, the demand of the character of
    Kashaf is a girl who is living in her own inferiority complexes and if they
    would have taken Mahira, she would be too beautiful for this role.. don”t
    judge in the beginning, Sanam is a great actress, and an attractive girl..
    dont compare ZGH with humsafar , there would be no other humsafar! :)

  • pakilaydee

    I love how they portray in the drama that a man’s weakness is the attention
    he craves (so true in the real world). Kashaf doesn’t give him any
    attention whatsoever, she has no interest, and that bothers Zarun so much –
    its actually very true realistically. Deep down inside Zarun def has
    feelings for Kashaf, and he thinks by playing with her feelings to fall for
    her is just a plot to trap her – he is just sadly mistaken. He’ll break her
    heart but then karma will hit him :) Great drama nontheless!

  • Sobhan Ashrafi


  • BubblysBubble

    Im a big fan of Sanam after starting watching this drama!! She sooo pretty
    and is veryyy talented… I only watch the drama to see her… I love the
    way she talks about life… Soo dam true… Brilliant actress!

  • Alizah Khan

    Fawad and mahira have given a HIT, so it doesn’t mean they always have to
    work together.. audience need new faces, repeating the old couples over and
    over again in such a short span of time would lead to boredom! We should
    give a chance to the new talented faces

  • humera633

    Last week se musalsal sun rahi hun…..behadd khoobsurat

  • mubashirah qasmi

    Rofl sahi kaha :p

  • faisalkhans11

    In next episode he almost hit Kashif

  • Rehana Afroz Kazi

    agreed …. no offence, I really admire this girl’s acting…. but the
    chemistry doesn’t work with Fawad……I wish it was Mahira with Fawad….
    as mentioned by kilo gram & you, those scenes indeed reminded me of
    Humsafar…. hope to see Mahira-Fawad in a new mature drama :)

  • Hansmeforsure

    sanam saeed…. She is just PERFECT for this role …. oh yeah 2 all haters
    STOP IT, she is not that bad looking11 to be honest she actually looks ALOT

  • abbas faisal


  • Zaheer Abbas

    Superb casting. Love Sanam Saeed & Fawad Khan. It will add another feather
    in HUM’s cap.

  • chisin4eva

    where can I find the lyrics…the song is nice

  • 786pk

    Totally agree with the above. some people think that Sanam is not as pretty
    as Mahira (i personally think she is pretty, MashAllah). But she is
    definitely more talented acting wise.

  • teen21

    agreeeeeeeeeeeeee! fawad and mahira forever

  • majicman0007

    It’s the first drama i am watching in after many years ,love the
    story.Can’t flipping wait up till next damn Friday :)

  • Neelum Bilal

    And 1:30 too

  • loveofmylifeful2

    Agree with u and i personally think sanam is most suitable for this role..
    as per the description she fits the best……

  • Ammara Tariq

    yeah it does….awww Humsarfar was juz to gud. :)

  • Rayyan Karim

    touching one!

  • Sukaina Rizvi

    Ohemgee it looks fabulous!!! I’m already obsessed with Fawad and this drama
    is going to top it all off!!! Can’t wait till the romance starts!!!! 3

  • faisalkhans11

    Fawad is over doing his role …… Over acting I say it

  • Sabeen N.

    2:36, 2:38 reminds me so much of humsafar…

  • LaReineBleue

    can’t wait till the love starts!!!! i saw the promo where in the library
    zaroon almost hits kashaf!! my face was literally :O!! uff fawad is soo

  • teen21

    this is by momina….why didnt she cast mahira again opposite fawad. they
    are perfect couple!

  • Enmoal takiya

    its just 5 dislike -_-

  • chieselsharp

    Fawad Khan is next superstar Shan of Pakistan!!

  • aywa2006

    I respect your & everyone’s feelings but I have read the novel; therefore,
    I think Sanam Saeed is the best choice for the lead girl. The heroine in
    the novel was not a pretty looking girl but a bold girl. If you all are
    thinking Sanam shouldn’t have been cast with Fawad Khan then it proves that
    you have felt how author wanted to show. Zaroon (Fawad) & Kashaf (Sanam)
    have opposite personalities and it’s ironic how Zaroon (a rich & flirt guy)
    falls in love with this ordinary looking girl.