Watch Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 25 HUM TV Drama

Father of Kashaf left her mother because she gave him three daughters and no sons. She grows up to be an exemplary student with complexes, who has major trus…

  • Khanzinda Gul

    Gfgg? n hF

  • serenety

    clearly she made a huge mistake not marrying? osama

  • Sadia Hanif

    Kashaf aik? achi biwi nai

  • zohaib khan


  • Rabia Afzal

    It’s a very nice play very good?

  • Waqas Amar

    aurtain? PAAAGAAAAALL

  • Aarif Akhlaque

    I think zarun? is wrong kashaf ko sab batana chahiye use kashaf ki kya galati hai

  • Zoya Farooqui

    hey aisha it isn’t hazrat? ali “ra” is “AS” he’s the first imam as stands for allaihissalam

  • pinkprotagonist

    ek tou inki amma buhat annoying hain. itna? slow bolti hain kay poora drama lga deti hain ek jumla bolnay mai

  • Mohammed Rizvi

    could be coffee..

  • Ali Raza

    It’s? was a dream….:-O

  • sgkhan9494

    Love? this drama

  • Sadiya Islam

    25 episodes in..and I? still don’t like Kashaf

  • Ali teel

    this is the illuminatis long term agenda….they want our society to? become like the west through the tv channels

  • mujahidnazir9

    good thing iz dat zarun? iz nt going 2 get her otherwise she wont learn her mistake..!! And as a husband it iz his duty 2 tell her where she iz wrong

  • mujahidnazir9

    Kya zindagi gulzar? hai???

  • Sobeeya Butt

    kashaf is? gona ruined her life by her ownself

  • octylacetateable

    Neither like kum kum nor this show. Pak dramas are? not too lame. Just talked abt this show.

  • cheeky mnky.x

    hehe… this dramas amazing… but the amount of? tea they drink.. hahahhahaha :D


    awsome story

  • Dan Hus

    I can’t believe? it

  • Dan Hus

    I? can

  • chhari2

    damn!!. cant stop laughin at it. kareena kapoor revealed her secret boy? friend in a secret party. crazy kareena , must have regretted after that.

    i could find the clip here ->

  • didi niki

    I like? kashaf

  • dad jone

    waoooo real? time kashaf

  • dad jone


  • dad jone

    i agree? with u

  • dad jone

    sorry to say but it is? real life , i have many examples which follow the same behavior when it comes to them

  • dad jone

    open your eyes it? is happening in our real life, i have many examples totally related to these kind of feelings.

  • dad jone

    carrier oriented and working women are? most difficult to live with.

  • RomanticDude

    I dont know why people did not understand the character of Kashaf. They dont see what she has been through. She sacrificed her own life, her own happiness to keep others happy, her mother, her sisters and her future family. Yes, we should thank Allah and be patient, but they don’t understand what made Kashaf this way. Life affects everyone differently.

    There are 4 levels people react to afflictions:
    1) being angry with bad and? happy with good
    2) being patient
    3) being pleased
    4) being thankful

  • shaiza khan

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  • Kas1mBoy

    you pakistanis drink a lot? of tea lol

  • aisha sarwar

    “Silence reduces worry; patience eliminates worry; and gratitude turns worry into joy.” — Hazrat Ali RA.

    Complaining can not improve life; complaining only makes life worse; only gratitude and positive, thankful and appreciative attitude can improve life.

    I think Kashaf deserved devorce, but, Allah gave her more than she deserved? probably because he did not want to disappoint her wonderful mother who was always hopeful and thankful to Allah in all circumstances :)

  • aisha sarwar

    You are right. All the Islamic innovations happened in Baghdad before Mongol invasion. It was a great? loss, but, I don’t think one war can keep a civilization down forever. I think the main reason for the decline was lack of unity and trust amongst Arabs and Turks(Ottomans) and Iranians(Safavid). Evan today these three blocks don’t like each other. Interestingly, all three of them get along well with Pakistan :)

  • Umme Shah

    i was also in this situation for my Msc , my mother forced me to do job after my Bsc….now i am marrried and have a son and still trying to study further.i hope that one day? will be come in my life when i fulfilled my dream….