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Written By: Umera Ahmed, Directed By: Sarmad Sultan Khoosat Cast: Mahira Khan, Mekaal Zulfiqar, Samina Pirzada, Hina Bayat, Mohib Mirza,Mansha Pasha, Jalal K…

  • sana247

    wow! amazing episode, was crying my eyes out when she cries at the beach!
    touched me in a way i cant explain. Hats off Ms Ahmed!
    such good explanation of a great topic.?

  • usman qaladza


  • usman qaladza


  • usman qaladza


  • Hameed Ullah

    Abida Parveen songs braught 50% greatness in this Drama. Without that
    background music this drama would nothing…. I solute to director who
    chose such nice occasional songs.

  • Hajra Tahir

    SUBHANALLAH, what a beautiful episode! Allah S.W.T is the almighty and
    merciful. This drama illustrates his benovalance!

  • rbbubbly

    Soooo true.

  • maria khan

    Umeera Ahmad is just fabulous.i was crying to see this episode. May Allah
    show us right path always.I saw a very strong bond in Umeera Ahmad ‘s
    writing.She expresse feelings so sensitively.

  • Halida Saeed

    Thnk u. Cant wait till next episode!!!

  • Sana Khan

    i think the “match” between thabinda and salman is a little far-fetched. im
    not all abt looks, but come on…that’s SO not a match at all. she’s weird

  • tamsa joy

    My dear you are absolutely right.God put tose people in azmaish whom He has
    chosen for to show the right path.

  • faizan mughal

    Yes!!! i gave credit to Sultan Sarmad Khosat for this dirction…. But
    original queen of this drama is Script which is wrriten by “The Umera
    Ahmad” one of top most screen writer after “Haseena moin” and “Seema
    Ghazal” she is amazing writer u even can’t imagine how she thought… u
    should read novel novel is more fantastic than drama… if u love this
    script u should read Peer-e-Kamil the famous and critically acclaimed first
    ever fiction book by Umera Jee.. u ‘ll slip in real love with it!!!

  • Ali Raza

    @13:23 inhe maine apni zannat bna di..:)

  • afrin khan

    Salman ka kya nateeja hoga ye dekhna hai mujhe…

  • Naureen Khan

    Mahira Khan is so Natural …. great work

  • 84risingangel

    Shamzeela khan, i agree with you. This is our fake perception and cultural
    inheritance, no concern wd d religion. Religion is equal for both man n
    woman. We give all blame to woman in every case, very macho

  • fahim shahid

    we need to correct our self, we have done these kind of mistakes in our
    life and we have to get rid of this & this is the absolute right way to
    correct our self, regardless of gender…. why are we always blaming each
    other? why don’t we see ourself our life? most of us has done all this
    bullshit what falak showed here..

  • moonakhund

    I can closely relate to this story !!

  • feelingshigh

    Sher e wajood say Sher e Zaat tuk kaa safar sirf 2 qadam ka honay kay
    bawajoood itnaa muskhkil kayun hota hai – – – – – yeh sirf iraaday kii kami
    aur yaqeen ki kamzori hai Good work done by Umaira Ahmad and Sarmad and
    wonderful display by the girl who is wounded


    A great drama I have ever seen in my life. After this, I really don’t wanna
    watch any other drama. This serial has everything, so talented actors and
    acting, a wonderful audio/video, and on top of that An excellent writer. It
    changed my mind the way I used to think about life. I don’t feel
    embarrassed to say that after episode, I guess # 12, I had my eyes wet all
    the way down till end of this serial. A really nice drama and message for
    those who really desire to change their life in a right path

  • TheBhatti428

    Most of the poeple dont understand the story….those who hv read the
    novlet of umera ahmed can better understand the story….drama is little
    different from novelet….real msg is that those who forget Allah for
    poeple. …forget haqiqi and chose majaz r some times thrown in the hell of
    thos world bt atlast they bcom more pious and pure

  • Lida Aga


  • wajid abrar

    plzzzz i request to you tahir bhai plzzz episode 14 ko bhi HD main upload
    kren,auer 1 se le kr 10 tk bhi… plzzzz m requesting u from italy

  • Qaiser Akber


  • Shahnaz Sheriff


  • Azhar Khan

    arey bhai jaanboojh kar tabinda ko aisa dikhaya hai kyo ke ye dikhana tha
    ke jab allah kisi ke takabbur ko mitana chahta hai tab allah aise zariye ko
    chunta hai jisse insan kabhi soch bhi nahi sakta ,jise woh hakeer samajhta
    hai,,,aur tabinda ke zariye uske naak ko zamin me ragad se falak ko is baat
    ka ehsaas dilana tha ke apne aap pe itna naaz karna bewakoofi hai, agar
    tabinda usse zyada khoobsurat hoti toh thode der ke liye falak ko bhi
    itminaan hojata.