Watch Ishq i memnu episode 1 part 2 english subtitles

  • popsee99a

    behlool u r awesme

  • kat khan

    its being showing in pakistan too and i badly loved it

  • floraginger

    Betar wears dark makeup

  • redhawtchilly

    please upload this entire series with english subtitles pleaseee!!!!

  • nims .f

    behlool is so funny

  • floraginger

    I don’t like mrs vendors husband (the new one)

  • majid junaid

    chokguzal chokguzal

  • innocent1284

    hhahaah,,, agree with u

  • Ahtisham Ilyas

    awesome nihal

  • Alexia Bretaera

    you should know just the basic theme of the play and attitudes of the
    characters, then you have no need to search all the episodes in English or
    Urdu Languages.. you can see all the episodes in its original language i-e
    Turkish and you will be easily understand that what going on the current
    situation … And there is no one who upload all the episodes in English
    language…so don’t waste your time..

  • soha ahmed

    i love the drama can someone please tell me where can i watch it in urdu or
    english the whole sequal ?

  • Alexia Bretaera

    i watched the whole season 2 drama series. It is the most famous and
    popular among all the lovers and others who want to love some one.. it was
    released on 2010 at a Turkish channel .. and even passing two years it has
    no decrements in its popularity.. And what it give us the lesson: “don’t
    marry someone who are far-younger then you”..

  • innocent1284

    m also crazy about this beautifull drama

  • Marva Razavi

    I’m crazy watch ASK I Memnu (forbidden love) Why only Episode 1 and 62 and
    79 subtitle english. Why can’t have all full episoded with subtitle
    english? Please advice how can I watch rest of full episiod with english

  • Nobo Fizz

    Plzz plzzz upload the whole series in English subssss plzzzz

  • Nazzia Shafiq Momina

    You can watch it in urdu on youtube

  • Gie Aranas

    thank u so much for uploading this, ive seen this drama before but better
    now coz there’s english sub

  • sanhaa khan

    behlul is just a womaanizer nuthing else who finds every woman atractive n
    he attracts to every woman..just for sex. he should be left in heera mandi
    bazar lahore hahaha kutta kanjer kahi ka he ll be v happy their