Watch Dil e Muztar Last Episode HUM TV Drama

  • Waseem Tariq

    For me the ending was right as I expected before watching. People need to understand that Love is BLIND so it really make sense. When you’re? in love then u like those things of your lover that u dislike for your own self. If you don’t then it means you don’t love. I found this drama so interesting and enjoyed every episode and never got bored for even 1 second while watching it. HumTv has done a great job as it does by producing blockbuster dramas. Keep it up

  • topkhani

    Ghetto.? Ghetto. Ghetto.

  • topkhani

    And no closure for the murder of that baby.
    A Good ending would’ve been:
    Adil finally looks at the dead baby’s blood report and finds toxic level of cough medicine reported.
    He confronts Zoya who freaks out and finally admits? the truth – he turns her out, she goes crazy and stabs him to death.
    Police lead her away.
    And Ahmer gently leads Sila away from the funeral. end. Rest upto wievers imagination.

  • topkhani

    I can’t the writer brought this story to such ghetto ending. So unlike Zindagi Gulzar..
    Story is: looser women remain loosers. Never learn.
    Tsk Tsk tsk. Such a shame. So lame; traditional abuse of women – reinforced.
    No? liberated talaaq, no empowerment of women. Just reinforced obedience to scumbag, abusive, cheater husbands.
    Love? Sorry when someone facilitates death of your child, a woman;s Love dies for ever and only eternal revulsion and disdain abounds.

  • Tahira Maqsood

    I wish they would stop promoting such nonsense woen are? not doormats n they shouldnt accept men back in their lives who treat them so badly

  • Tarique Rehmat

    As expected, traditional end of story, writer can make it interesting but any how.
    It was a very unique? and creative SOAP by humtv.
    Keep it up after Zindagi Gulzar hai this is second most popular serial by them.

  • KkNikko15

    Endings terrible, should’ve ended up with Ahmer not? the idiot Adeel. Seriously, such a waste of time

  • Sammi Ghouri

    Rubbish ending..,?

  • Sammi Ghouri

    Rubbish? ending..,

  • bucolic77

    typical ending………..shohar k 7 katal muaff irfan k sath jo usney kia uski? shakal b nahin daikhni chhaey thi bv .najaney yeh kounsi muhabat hai

  • fatemabidi

    frankly speaking I love the ending because it just justifies the lines that the person whose wrong will never win. I like how? the show ended. I love the ending.. and I don’t find anything stupid.. Rather a perfect ending. HAPPY WITH THE END. Will miss the show..

  • fatemabidi

    “main tumhe ussey cheen na nahi chahti, kyunki phir uss main? aur mujh main kya faraq? reh jaayenga” – This line is amazing and extremely true!

  • Raja Asim

    how the? hell Adil suddenly realized in last moment that he made mistake and Zoya is bad girl. was he sleeping before? lol Writers think those who watch such drama are fool

  • Raja Asim

    Pathetic acting by imran abbas especially when he was asking forgiveness and acting to be sad. he cannot?? act and they cast him because of his look

  • zaibm92

    really? nice drama, but i didnt like the ending

  • aamna257

    The whole drama was good except for the ending. Ahmer was so? sad. And adeel didn’t deserve forgiveness

  • Elsa Albert Gill

    What a pathetic and typical end to her torment! They couldn’t have shown her, as a successful and independant woman that does not need her husband to provide for? the child and his upbringing? Can’t believe she took him back after all that! Such a waste of my time!

  • Xania Shah

    Nice? Ending

  • Warda Usman

    V nice, actually zoya deserve it.?

  • wasim akram



  • prinzessin bollywoodqueen

    very lovely drama :* ,….. but she disappointed me too …. ahmer? would be a good father and husband ..

  • Amy Sahar

    Sila really disappointed me. Poor Ahmer i felt like crying. She broke his heart man. I hate Adil. What he did was? unforgivable.

  • Nayab Shaikh

    Extremely disappointed with the ending! Sila should have? never accepted adil. Just a typical ending this was!

  • Abdullah Butt


  • ishluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    good endingggggggggg

  • Mansoor Ali

    is? dame ki 20 no Episode aap ne upload nahi ki hai