Watch Annie Ki Aayegi Baraat Episode 3

Fresh Timing: 40:00min Approximately Cast: Bushra Ansari, Hina Dilpazeer, Vasay Choudary, Samina Ahmed, Manzoor Qureshi, Javed Sheikh, Saba Hameed, Naveen wa…

  • zoha fatima

    I love you song is? loose them good job

  • Mak Gunner

    Please make bobby? ki aayegi baraat

  • Huniyah Saeed

    Movie? night is more like movie day

  • Huniyah Saeed

    At? dinner the window looks like like the afternoon

  • Huniyah Saeed

    Haha ur right?

  • Aadil Khan

    Hahaha…Azar sits on the dinner table with a? clean-shave and is shown back with his beard in the bedroom… lol

  • pk tunn


  • hana rauf

    luv it to bits?

  • Shahzad butt

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  • Moosa Naveed

    i love this? drama so funny hahahaha

  • Gohar Rebel

    i think? ??????????????????

  • Abdul Rahim Sheikh

    great? series

  • mariam sabir

    Who thinks azar? is right? (I do)

  • k24ld

    Possible? best line? “Don’t cry like a…mm…mm baby elephant.” (17:59).?