VASL Hum TV Drama Serial Episode 17-1 Subtitled

VASL Hum TV Drama Serial Episode 17-1 Subtitled for hearing impaired and non-urdu speaking viewers.

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  • attakhankhankhan

    what the fuck ..if she speaks really good english .may be she spent some year in the state or? london why you guys are always like the person who speak english good what is good in english its just a communication language for example if you visit any foreign country it will help you to communicate that it ..

  • TheSyedasd1

    at 17-1 , 6:17
    oho adnan bhai ka kafi der se koe scene ni aya to inho? ne socha time check me hi ajaOn,,,lol..

  • barkhaali

    i havnt seen this drama but i really love this girl’s? acting////really she speaks english vert well.totally enlish girl….waoooo…geo soni

  • zoonnii

    uffff i hate? hashim ,such a bad person,still want her to be his wife.

  • meenasalluforever

    thnx 4 da new? episode