Punjabi Stage Show | Topi Drama | Full Pakistani Stage Play in HD

One of the best and classic punjabi stage drama with a star cast including Babu Baral, Mastana, Amanullah, Sohail Ahmad and Jawad Waseem. A great family fun with old style jokes that makes you laugh every minute. Full (complete) pakistani stage drama Uploaded in HD to provide you best quality video and sound. Enjoy !! Full Cast: Babu Baral (late), Sohail Ahmad, Amanullah, Mastana, Zarqa Butt, Jawad Waseem, Rubi Anam, Khalid Moen Butt and Mohini.

  • imrankayani

    roby? anam

  • daani chaudhary


  • heray005

    U? are welcome :)

  • Kamran Tanwir

    thanx for the reply … thank u? very much

  • heray005

    Sir, Her name is *Reena Siddiqui*
    She is living in Manchester these days u can see her? pix with family on Facebook as well. She married to a Pakistani origin British and settled there :)
    She was not much into PTV dramaz /movies but her reason for popularity was stage.

  • Kamran Tanwir

    thanx .. even im trying to find her name? for a long time …

  • Karamveer Singh

    I totally understand….You are doing job mate….God gonna bless you because you are spreading smile n laugh on everyone’s? face…..Keep it up…..Many thanx once again :)

  • pakvidz2

    You’re very welcome. We’ve got a lot more plays of Mastana, Babu Baral, Amanullah. Will by uploading up approx on weekly bases as to keep them in best quality encoding and uploading process takes a? lot of time.

  • pakvidz2

    Trying to find? but can’t track her down. I think she use to work in PTV plays.

  • Kamran Tanwir

    brothers … plz whats the name of amanullah’s sister in this stage show … havent? seen her nowadays

  • Kamran Tanwir

    4 dislikes … who the hell can dislike something like this?

  • Karamveer Singh

    Wow, Amazing neat and clean Play….Seriously, old is always Gold…..All the great artists of stage shows….May god? bless their souls….Many Many Thanx Mate for sharing such a wonderful play :)

  • janali24793

    Miss? u Montana

  • xainy100101

    watching this awsom piece of play <3 man these pplz were the real kings of STAGE? love n respect from UK uploader bro thx to u aswell for sharing this with us stay blessed !

  • pakvidz2

    It definetely is an awesome play.. It’s nice to hear from comments like yours that you guys really love these comedy plays. It gives us motivation to bring you? more.

  • Simran Singh

    yeh video 1999 mein maine japan mein dekha tha. japan mein halal food shops hain pakistan ki. main already ye play 50-60 baar dekh chuka hun. year 2000 mein main japan se vaapis aa gya tab se? is play ke lie tarap rha tha.

  • norwalkboy4u

    Great Drama. Thanks for Uploading. Great quality..? Can’t wait for more of your uploads.. Please post atleast 1 per week. Thx

  • TheAdnan1312

    Yar its…? realy v funny…

  • pakvidz2

    You’re welcome ! Genius are the? people who wrote and acted in this play.

  • Shaun Gillz

    Thanks? for uploading. U r genius. Good job. Keep it up

  • pakvidz2

    No doubt, Thanks for watching and comment…?

  • jeyda334

    legend of comedy? …