PTV Drama Serial Aansoo – Title Song

Song by Ali azmat of Junoon

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  • Imran Ali Mughal

    3:53? that Face <3

  • Imran Ali Mughal

    Thumbs up if u r listing?? this in 2012

  • murad ali

    waqi yr barhe sohany thy wo din..
    mai b jb 7 saal ka tha to sb gar waly mill kr deka krty thy us waqat saab log bhot achy howa krty ty kaash wo waqat wapiss lot aiye
    i? love ptv forever

  • aqeel haider

    Mujey thora? Thora Yaad hai..

  • Awais Javaid

    Ali? Azmat….you are a very precious heritage of Pakistan…

  • shan Hameed

    kahan? chly gy wo din

  • shan Hameed

    man nai pta man kis age man tha but? now m 20

  • shan Hameed

    Thumbs up if u r listing? this in? 2012 -2013 kash wo din wapis a jayn

  • agneepath5

    i lve this? song and i saw this whn i m 10

  • MrEbbi92

    mein ney ankaboot drama search kia tha … yeh drama khul gaya ksi ko pata hai ankaboot? dramey k barey mein?

  • Afghanonline100

    mai 12 sal ka tha jab mai ne eis drama ko? deka ab mai 23 hu i love this drama :)

  • Tony Manero

    Indian haters usually almost always post negative comments on here because they are jealous of? our drama’s. Indian drama’s ain’t got jack on ours, by the way this was an amazing drama. If you are ever upset or depressed then this song will suit you, try listening to it with a broken heart and feel the pain increase. Amazing song and amazing acting here. Pakistan Zindabad.

  • saadekaminay

    still in? 2012

  • qadeeerdogar

    such a lovly and heart touchng voice and darama, unforgetable?

  • whity582


  • rockinawsom

    Man? good old days…yo

  • ganjibaba

    there is? no such voice like Ali Azmat, so powerful with a soft touch at the same time.

  • 1991911991

    in 2012? :)

  • adnanghp

    my all? time fav OST

  • haider abbas

    its was? the best play

  • 1991911991

    in 2000.?

  • 91Sannie

    What was the year this drama? aired?

  • TheSweetchanda

    i agree with? you

  • TheSweetchanda

    i love this drama, song and at the? most i love esha

  • jeet99oo


  • razi5011

    so sweet

  • Famousx81

    @utubespammer, shit b upon u, u troll. Uneducated, ignorant, sob. Did? yr superior culture n religion teach u to respect others?

  • RabbiaRoze

    superb serial nd best song? ever…….