Ptv Drama Rahein Part 67/77

Part 67

Ptv Drama Starring: Sumaira Yousaf, Farheen, Naima Khan, Ghayyoor Akhtar, Masood Akhtar, Jaziba Sultan, Saima Saleem, Chahat, Akhtar Shad, Tauqeer Nasir and Saleem Sheikh

  • Keith Williams

    i want to be go? again in my childhood

  • straightforward2018

    Aunty? jee be kamal karti hain

  • nadir khan

    im pissed off with? farah..she should have stuck up for herself.

  • newjeenz1

    hello hello testing 123 hello hello? awaz aa rahi ha kia ?

  • Shakir Khan

    ajj samj may aya k taleem sy kuch nhi hota
    warna Basuu or Apa ko daik lo oind k rehny wlay
    or? is budhee khusat manhoos Wakeel ki biwi ko daik lo City shaher my reh kr b Kamio sy kamtar hy
    kuttee, ,
    Basooo so cute yaar, , , ]

    Farah cute 22222222 :) :))))))

  • citifm

    thanks to zia? bhai to provide us a memorable play. ilove this play. once again thanks to u alot. please upload ptv drama (bao train)

  • Bl0odDot

    same old shit? everywhere i guess. thanks for explaining

  • trippin0

    actually its basu kumhar,? kumhar is punjabi for a potter . Its his caste and this means he doesn’t own land and he hails from a family of pottery makers. He is considered as a ‘kami’ or a worker by the well off, even though hes a stand-up guy :P

  • usmanadnan

    where is the voice of play ? i? can’t hair !

  • Bl0odDot

    what is wrong basu being basu kumar??

  • 3126773

    great? play

  • billoo99

    where is? the voice????????????