Ptv Drama Marvi Part 62/62

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Cast: Ghazal Siddique Mahnoor Baloch Hassam Qazi Badar Khaleel Qaiser Khan Mahmood Siddiqui Noor Muhammad Lashari Manzoor Murad Roshan Atta A…

  • raiafzal786

    ????? ????? ???

  • AbidAdnanKhans123

    where is part? 63

  • Sehar Khurshid

    I dont like? the ending at all.

  • Saqib Khan

    its not? the end yar,,,,,, i still remember that marvi is killed at last,,,,,,

  • Hussain Khan

    yaar end is dramy ka bot jaldi kr deeya bot cold unfair ending ta
    itny prolong climax k baad itna quick end ,,
    pata b nhi chala agay marvi Omer, akber, , etc in sab ka kiya hota hy

    remind me my childhood days when we use to watch AINAK WALA JIN on ptv
    realy mis smy homeland
    Hope InshAllah soon i will visit my homeland

    Allah hamry mulk ko aman ka gehwara bana dy or pooranya chy reewayat or din loota dy.. . ameeen

  • Mudassar Majeed

    where is the next volume ? I think this drama did not finish here ….. Do you people think ? ?

  • elf3l1f

    soooooo the end? is very unclear. What happens after Omar’s confession?

  • TheSweetCapri

    omar n marvi a true love? story…..thnx for uploading

  • TheSweetCapri

    bht bht bht zbardast? drama hai par ab asay damy kyun nhi bntay?????????

  • Danish Rehman

    good drama in waderon ka? yahi haal hona chahiye
    down loading ka shukariya

  • damras88

    true the ending was abrupt indeed?

  • meesapk

    but ther is kari system…
    this drama base on reality….
    cast system….
    kabi sind visit karna n vahan ka halat dkna specialy villages,farmers kharido hota han? ur bht zulam karta han….

  • Usman Khalid

    ahhh… it’s a true depiction of what we have today… we still have this system prevailing in our country… its not a matter of kari or not? related with sindh… everything in this drama present different black holes in our system and in our law enforcement including justice system, we need to educate people so that they can know what they are and what they deserve from society and what are their rights, govt need to change feudal system so we can move on, we are still 60 year back :(

  • umairlahori2009


  • umairlahori2009


  • umairlahori2009


  • babar shahzad chaudary

    One of The Greatest drama? ever by PTV !
    thanX for upload.
    Yeah, end was bit disappointing for viewers incl me But practically it was finished as Marvi won her Rebellious battle & also according to the wish? of Master Sahib for her, did not ever put down her head before any Wadera.

  • Rizwan Saeed

    Akbar killed Marvi not Umar?

  • meesapk

    bhtttttt zbardast drama ha…….
    the best? is master…..soooo cute…. :’)

  • meesapk

    sooooo happpy marvi zinda ha mja bachpan sa? laga usa kari kr ka mar data han :’)

  • sana habib

    great,fantastic drama in pakistani dramas history ,,,,thanx? to upload

  • MsRisk123

    master sahib m speechless MAY GOD give you? place janah

  • choudhryqaiser1980

    Excellent drama all actor did awosome job speacially Maser sahaib…..but end was not good it was just 5 second…The criminal should be jailed in this episode and we should? have known what finally happened with them and all them family aswell…thanks

  • ShinwariMama223

    The drama is great, but I didn’t like that all things finished only in 5 seconds. The criminal should be jailed in this episode and we should have known? what finally happened ro Marvi and her lover in between.

  • ooppssi

    greatest drama ever… Master sahib whose name is Noor Muhammad Lashari was an excellent actor..? may Allah give him place janah..

  • bobbysultan

    Thankz for uploading thiz gold? darama
    thank you very much Buddy

  • Nadeem Kasana

    The? great drama ever!

  • Rizwan Saeed

    Akbar Ali Khan murdered Marvi aloug with Phog arrest them and lock them up and Umar Sumoro as well? them 3 murdered Marvi