Ptv Drama Marvi Part 13/62

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Cast: Ghazal Siddique Mahnoor Baloch Hassam Qazi Badar Khaleel Qaiser Khan Mahmood Siddiqui Noor Muhammad Lashari Manzoor Murad Roshan Atta A…

  • kmaj007

    , Youre just a Shithead…Beauty is a wholistic word stupid…Mahnoor? just had pretty face, although some might not agree, cuz beauty standards are diff infront of every1, Buh Maheen was really groomed girl, style of talking, Voice, smile, dfferent gestures, the way she carries herself, makeup sense etc Mahnoor just dont know all that, look at makeup sense in all her dramas, she tries western buh cant act like westners….Maheen might have less marks cuz of height..


    You are an idiot. You don’t know what is real beauty. Maheen is? very prety but Mahnoor Blouch is most beautiful as compared to Maheen.

  • ABDUL hai

    great actors like hisam mehmood siddiqui noor muhammad lashari?

  • kmaj007

    , Watch Esha (Maheen) in Aansoo? Drama serial…!

  • mimran2010us

    i ve never seen beauty? like mahnoor balochs

  • sheheryar25

    aaj bhi ? yea hi raj hai pakistan me! AFSOOS