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  • nangamujra

    Saleem Nasir jesa actor shayed hi ab kubhi peda hoga, watch him in? ankhai, and watch him here,,,,my God, what an actor……..

  • asmat660

    Those great actors showed true picture of Pakistani landlords.May their souls rest in? peace. Amen.

  • dhindhintalk

    very very good drama of its time . most of the actors are no longer alive … i still miss them like aslam laughter .. saleem nasir? .. lali … and this older fellow all dead ..

  • 302dhaliwal

    bohat zabardast?

  • All Good

    Saleem Nasir ..? ahh Great Actor … proved himself in comedy and in this role

  • faree1979

    great drama? ever,with most talented great pakistanis actors.
    Long Live Pakistan

  • rockykhan143