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Jangloos is a famous novel of Urdu language written by Shaukat Siddiqui. The novel tells the story of two prisoners, Lali and Raheem Dad who escaped from the jail. The story is created in the backdrop of central Punjab (Pakistan).

The novel was also dramatized by PTV in 1989 and gained a huge popularity. However, the drama was not shot til the end of story and was left unfinished. The lead cast in drama for the two prisoners include M. Warsi as Lali and Shabbir Jan as Raheem Dad. Among other cast are Saleem Nasir, Shaguftah Ijaz, Zahoor Ahmad, Subhani ba Younas, M Yousuf, Ashraf Khan, Tahira Wasti, A. R. Baloch and many others. The play was directed by Kazim Pasha.


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    ek tu har banda ye kehta? main chota tha

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    Lucky you…. I was the same age but I don’t remember any of? it.

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    oh l love that drama i? was 10 years old

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    very very? nice darama

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    Hi Jaseem Warsi bhai, Thank you very much for? answer. Please also post his reply.
    Thanks again.

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    Bhayonn or behnooo….
    ye drama shoot to? hova hay mager pora nahee … last episode dekh ker app es dramay ko or raheem dad ko bora bhala kahen gay , mager galti PTV ki hay un kay pass Lali ko denay kay pesay khatam hogayee thay to vo raheem dad ki kahani kahan say pori kertay ….. jis ki vaja say mujh sameet sab log PTV or raheem dad ko bora kaheen gay .. es dramay ka End adhora hova hay.. jo kay I DON”T LIKE IT…

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    I saw him last time in ptv drama Kufara? in 2001.

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    hi Thank u for using good words? im jaseem warsi … his son i will convey ur mesage to him

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    Someone knows where is M.Warsi (Lali) now a? days? I keen to know please tell me. he is great and outstanding actor.

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    I remember, I won’t watch? this drama at that time coz (especially) the background noise would scare me… :)

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    at that time in 1989 i was just 4 years? old and still i rememebred most of the episodes

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    unluckily, most of the episodes could not? be telecasted on ptv.

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    the lenged?

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    Pakistan drama at its best. This was a suberb drama that gained enormous popularity. Lali has really performed well. This drama is full of adventure and thrill. Even if you read the novel Jangloos you will feel yourself completely absorbed and indulged in the situation. Jangloos? is a wonderful effort to unveil the evils of jageerdari system. Also you can find some forms of crimes that politicians are involved in. Best Effort. I give full marks 5/5. Lali and raheem dad zindabad

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    i remember? my childhood….when i been watching this drama on tv with all family. love to see when lali do funny things.

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    much for posting this drama , i was very young when this was telecast and baerly remember any thing but i remember all my family members use to sit together to watch this drama including my mom who is unfortunatley no longer alive ….. thx for this man

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    I remember this drama was broadcast in early 1989 – it was a huge? success and we used to talk about the episodes in school the following day – Laali te Raheema Zindabad!

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