Ptv Drama Dhoop Kinare Part 35/56

Ptv drama Dhoop Kinare starring Rahat Kazmi, Marina Khan, Badar Khalil, Qazi Wajid, Arshad Mahmood, Sajid Hassan, Lateef Kapadia, Ishrat Hashmi & Rizwan Wasti etc

  • Shahriar Shah

    kash kay asy dramy ab bhi lagain but……….. this is not possible
    from multan?

  • Fabulousfive123

    @79attiya? u r rite attiya.jaseena moin knew the majic to invove audience in cherectors. And rahet kazmi gracefully fulfil that resposibility

  • Amitoj Bhullar

    Hi Shera, Its not a copy acctually but kind of a remake and Sony TV does give due credit to dhoop kinarey by admitting that in the beginning. But I agree, dhoop kinarey is a timeless classic. Somethings need to be left alone out of respect, especially if you don’t have the expertise to recreate them. Sony tv is acctually doing more damage that good. They don’t even come close to the magic that this masterpiece had. I so hate them for ruining my childhhod memories. ?

  • Amitoj Bhullar

    I get so nostalgic watching? this drama…I have to agree, such subtle display of emotions, such decency and class in acting and dialogue delivery make this drama memorable.. this drama will stay in my memory forever..I’ve watched many shows but none have even come close to the class that this drama has…To top it all, the background score is so soothing and melodious that it takes you to a different world,,everything is just perfect about it..Hasina Moin rocks…..I am an Indian BTW….

  • nilagram

    mujhe tumhari parwah hai……… zabardast kia dialogue? hai

  • Bhitani

    Angie’s mother is? an interesting character. Her smile says a lot:)

  • ProfessorRomeoo

    fantastic? drama

  • SHERA99076

    sad isn’t? it

  • SHERA99076

    but unfortunately india has copied this drama I mean to say SONY TV has copied? this drama and is now showing this drama with the name ” KUCH TOU LOG KAHANGE “

  • 79attiya

    i m sure all girls watching this drama would be in love with dr ahmer’s character. a girl’s ideal hero… good looking, slightly? grey haired, mature, subtle and romantic. Haseena moin knows all that a woman wants in a man.

  • 79attiya

    moment? of truth… how all pieces of puzzle start fitting in… whatever dr ahmer said on different occasions… just love it.

  • cosmoloverob

    zoya lost in ahmer’s thoughts.sweetest and high quality romance? i ever rahat and marina together.

  • hshoukat1

    kuch? to loag kahnagy……… very best work

  • gorgeouspretty132

    thats? really ery beautiful and goo d drama

  • fragrantsoul19

    “Thay to daddy hee.”……..hahaha. Absolutely fantastic drama. i haven’t done anything today. Gonna watch it till the end in? one go.

  • tshakeel29

    loving this? drama..reminds of days in pakistan:)

  • MegaChulbul

    awesum romantic scenes muah muah? muah <3

  • chery041

    im mad abou? this music as wellll

  • madhubala234

    Man!! I love Rahat? Kazmi and brilliant job by his wife.

  • mbaqurashi

    @ 4:17 “bijli ka bill 500 rupay,? wah keya door tha.. really love. :)

  • pakihot

    very nice.?

  • Abdul Haseeb

    music composed by arshad mehmood…. the baba of Dr. Ahmer in this? drama…

  • sumi1302

    I am? from India…. and this drama is fantastic….. very suble dispaly of emotions…. very romantic,,,, Rahat Kazmi Fantastic…. Cheers !!!!

  • jak328425

    Good Drama.? very nice ghazal

  • JAZMIN9531

    my name is Noor and nayyara noor have the? same surname

  • pakihot

    i am mad? about background music…..i love this drama

  • Kabuter1

    yeah its? true

  • Choudhry Waqar Azim

    very nice ghazal … i? think sung by nayyara noor (Y)