Ptv Drama Dhoop Kinare Part 27/56

Ptv drama Dhoop Kinare starring Rahat Kazmi, Marina Khan, Badar Khalil, Qazi Wajid, Arshad Mahmood, Sajid Hassan, Lateef Kapadia, Ishrat Hashmi & Rizwan Wasti etc

  • fragrantsoul19

    Anyones else noticed how Dr. Ahmer’s expressions change at 7:51 at the name of Dr. Khan? and 8:57 how he’s looking at the door after she had left.
    Utter brilliance of? acting skills.

  • sehrish iqbal

    lolxxxxxxxx itnay zida daddy :)))?
    love angie….!

  • mary2001pk

    hahahahhaha awesome awesome sajid hasan!?

  • saif140

    itnay zada daddyyyyyyyy :D:D:D:D hahahahahaha?

  • whyohwhy101

    Does anyone know the song playing at the end at 9:06? I feel like? I’ve heard it before….thanks

  • jiamiatia

    One of the best…? acing at its best.
    simplicity at its peak.
    Marvelous effort from Sahera Kazmi.

  • Shikha Verma

    They’re so awesome? together!

  • hammad mashwani

    i love Rahat Kazmi . such a legend a masterpiece

  • tshakeel29

    hahahha…look at dr irfan’s eyes and eye brows when angie’s dady? comes!!!…his eyes and face expressions are soooo funny @ 2:32 to 2:41…:P

  • tshakeel29

    hahahha…look at dr irfan’s eyes when angie’s dady comes!!!…his eyes and face? expressions are soooo funny @ 2:32 to 2:41…:P

  • gorgeouspretty132

    best part that? i ever like pakistan keep it upppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

  • omarhamza46

    hahhahahahahaah wat a? man irfan dr…”itne ziayda daddy” lmao

  • simoali100

    aaaahhh sun ov the part wid da frnd ? was boringgggggggggggg

  • ziajami

    RIP? Latif Kapadia

  • fragrantsoul19

    sajid hasan is an amazing actor. By the way what a lovely drama. Now that’s called real romance. What? today’s? dramas specially indians show is called sheer cheapness and vulgarity.

  • MegaChulbul

    i love marina? khan for real muah

  • Abdul Haseeb

    Irfan? is awesome…. bht aalaa

  • jak328425

    Very good Drama?

  • bmrizvi

    amazing? dialouges at 5:00min

  • Bl0odDot

    so how did he get his hair to go all the? way up like that?

  • Bl0odDot

    she is so naive and? sweet

  • AhadVedux84

    i? love angie for real