Ptv Drama Dhoop Kinare Part 2/56

Ptv drama Dhoop Kinare starring Rahat Kazmi, Marina Khan, Badar Khalil, Qazi Wajid, Arshad Mahmood, Sajid Hassan, Lateef Kapadia, Ishrat Hashmi & Rizwan Wasti etc

  • AmnA AnieS

    i’m amazes k kin bad? zauq logon nay is dramay ko dislike kia hy…..

  • giggleskanza

    i dunt get this is rahat kazmi son or? adopted son to tht old guy ???:/

  • engao

    I had a huge crush on Zoya? when I used to watch this drama in my teen in Mauritius.

  • dikshita anand

    can aneone upload the ptv? drama “vaadi”? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • rizisss

    its almost 24-25 yrs old drama but storyline, dialogs and? acting is so strong that it can hide all other technical thingz wich were not available in those days. our pakistani drama is again spreading magic now days. “hamsafar” , “maat” , meri zaat zara-e-benishan” and many otherz are examples of it.

  • pari7786

    in dhoop kinaray magic z spread equally by mreena, n rahat whereas in kuch tou log kahein only gal z most? attractiv whereas hero that old man..dr, z not at gud in his role so they ll nt b able to get success as dhoop kinaray did…..n the most imp to remembr the writer ..of ths show….

  • zamand006

    It has always been said and I firmly believe that India makes? awesome movie and Pakistan makes great dramas. The combination of two is what I have grown up with. I am from Pakistan.

  • arzoo310

    awasum? darama

  • Amruta Kakkar



    thats? nice.

  • Amruta Kakkar

    agree i m also from? india


    masterpiece just masterpiece,love love this,i am an indian but i love this so so much.dhoop kinare is the best and realistic serial i ever watched.omg indian serials are so dramatic except some really good one on sab tv,otherwise most of them are off.this is? so cute,wish it was longer.

  • aishamumtaz

    Rahat Has Magic , speechless,? :(

  • sanayasen1

    well ..i havent seen dhoop kinare but i wish to . adaptations are gud for young viewers. if there is something beautiful to tell in a story den why not seek examples from the past. and dats all wat we here in India are doing..d story is? pure n beautiful, dat was once shown on ur TV screens is being put forward to a whole new generation in a different package. so refresh ur memories if ur a dhoop kinare? fan .. n thanx 4 the lovely comments , truely appreciate it :)

  • sarmad371

    thanks man we definentaly like the new show but old is gold as they say……and thanks for standing up 4 us pakistanis….i can easily say that if there were? more people like you there would be no pak india war and stuff like that so thank you and have a happy life….plz reply me back

  • gorgeouspretty132

    i am in love with this? it is fablousssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • SuperAqsam

    God Rahat Kazmi is so good looking,i? m Love with him…

  • Wellphew

    i was? watching kuch to log kahainge then suddenly it reminded me of dhoop kinare i came here to refresh my memories and saw this discussion is actually in the air,

  • fragrantsoul19

    arre wahh!! comments section men to barri ronaq lagi hui he. Seems like “kuch to log kahen ge” is? bringing people here. Welcome to the original people. enjoy!

  • Farhanx3

    good kiya zabardast mind hai tmharay pass main 10 sa school main eng ki? study karta rha par koi faida nai hoa aaj b ya halat hai ka jab koi eng main comment karta hai ya koi meray msg ka muja reply karta hai eng me tu main ausay replay nai kar sakta ya tu samaj jata hn ka wo kia khena cha rha hai but reply karna mushkil ho jata hai…..chaloo kushi ki bat hai tm na films sa kuch tu sekaha.

  • guitaristmichael

    Nice to see so many indians coming to see? it here like myself. Someone plz tell me is this only one episode available on youtube?? what about other episodes are they not available ?????/ plz reply

  • Farhanx3

    yar agr tu english hai? tu urdu kesay bhol rha hai.aur main koi argument nai kar rha 2no countries main …main tu bas bta rha hun.kiya such bolna glat bat hai…agr hai tu main na tu ab galti kar di hai.

  • Farhanx3

    Theak hai lakin zeda english na mar aur wesa b yahan koi indian nai such hai wo main na kaha dia hai kise ko takleef nai hone? chayea.

  • Ana Khan

    but yr this drama is classic n no one can recreat the magic or histry like this drama did im a big fan of this drama n loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee marina khan n rahat kazmi they? r the best love tthem n loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee dk <3

  • Farhanx3

    india walo ne hmare drame ki cheating ki hai.jis ka nam hai? (kuch to log kahe ge)

  • Abdul6570

    Humara? drama un k kuch to log kahain gay se bht acha we Paki’s rock…

  • sanayasen1

    guys we all know dis fact in india that “Kuch Toh Log Kahengey” is an adaptation of pakistani show “Dhoop Kinare” and thats not hidden from the views itself as a full article was published on this pakistani show in Times Of India and many other leading news papers..even the? lead pair have said that it is an adaptation but they dont seek to replicate the same magic. so enoy watever is happening on tv ,as long as its not defaming ur hard sure dhoop kinare? was an awesome tele show:)

  • sanayasen1

    but frankly, being an Indian iv seen few of ur shows via youtube..and i accept u guys make way better tv shows dan us. i am sick of the same saas bahu? nonsense, so anything dat i find fresh on tv i watch. as far as Dhoop Kinare is concerned, the media the actors everybody is aware of dat show and nobody cud remake it lyk the original. besides original remains immortal . remakes might refresh the memories. so enjoy people ,hope u lyk the indian version :)

  • amatuarspark

    i loved zoya n anjis expression …………….fell in love wid dhoop kinarey !

  • amatuarspark

    tum? dono dekh kidhr rahey ho …….superb exprssion

  • adnan2161

    indain can never make a darama like this yar
    such kind of darama can be mad only? ones

  • Ana Khan

    zoya? yr some on dude she is the best

  • Ana Khan

    love u dude even im a very big fan of this? drama <3

  • Ana Khan

    absoutly? right fab drama

  • Ana Khan

    this drama or story n acting is once in a life time performance love this? drama <333333333333333333333

  • Ana Khan

    love marina? khan she is the bestttttttt <3

  • Ana Khan

    this drama is the best? in the world n it can be made again n i have wated copule of scene of the drama n they have even copied the scene also . but there cant be an other dr zoya n dr ahmer or marina khan n rahat kazmi they r the best loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee­eeee this drama very much <3

  • Ana Khan

    dude this drama is the best in the? world n it can be made again n i have wated copule of scene of the drama n they have even copied the scene also . but there cant be an other dr zoya n dr ahmer or marina khan n rahat kazmi they r the best loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this drama very much <3

  • hangu143

    india ne SONY pe darma start kiya hai jo dhoop kinare ki COPY hai darma ka naam hai,,,,,,Kuch Toh Log Kahenge,,,,,,,, acha hai? magar ptv ka zayda best hai

  • vipul2007datta

    Respond to this video… ?

  • adnan2161

    if thi play remake in pakistan again it wont be able to touch? that standard and in india …… wo tuh sawal hi nhu hota unko sas baho k darame banane do

  • aurora87bella

    I heard that indian tv made drama (just on aired)? is an adoptation of dhoop kinare…..I bet it will never meet the standard of haseena moin’s creativity

  • adnan2161

    us time bohat achay darame bana karte thay ab na jane kya ho gya indian daramo ki? copy karne me lag gay sab chanels ek darrama bhi dhang ka nhi ata

  • adnan2161

    i love every scenes of this play yaar anji zoya ho ya
    anji baba?
    wow or is ki khas baat is ka back ground music hy jo arshad mehmod ne dia dil me utar sa jata ha or faiz sahab ka ye qalam

  • fragrantsoul19

    “khabardar jo? chehre pe hawanna-pan aye jo is waqt mojood hai”….lol. i love zoya and anji’s scene with daddy.