Ptv Drama Dhoop Kinare Part 18/56

Ptv drama Dhoop Kinare starring Rahat Kazmi, Marina Khan, Badar Khalil, Qazi Wajid, Arshad Mahmood, Sajid Hassan, Lateef Kapadia, Ishrat Hashmi & Rizwan Wasti etc

  • asadali2311

    Hamaidmk my ancestors are from Gulaothi and aligarh. Some are still there.? Thanks for appreciating these dramas :)

  • hamaidmk

    This man looks better than SRK, honestly… I have SRK movies and I used to be his greatest fan… this is my first Pakistani drama and without a second if we indians are good in movies than pakistanis are just not good but excellent and? this one is over the top and i m looking forward to watch more pakistani programs… really an old touch with full of tehzeeb and tameez… from aligarh, india

  • nilagram

    Rahat kazmi is? so good looking and very handsome, and marina khan is beautiful

  • MultiMaria5555

    marina khan resembles twilight heroin kristein? alot

  • gorgeouspretty132

    all the characters were fablous at their own places
    specially dr irfan without him this drama is nothing
    carry? on pakistan

  • sallofia

    awww what a friendship of zoya n angie? <3

  • iamQoM

    Simply love this show!? :)

  • royaljatti

    mujhe yeh drama poori zindagi dikhao main koi shikayat? nahi karungi.

  • fragrantsoul19

    Akheer drama hai yaar. it takes you somewhere else. Whenever i watch a PTV classic,i feel the same. i just don’t want it to? end… dil chahta hai drama chalta rahe or main dekhti jaoun…dekhti jaoun…dekhti jaoun.

  • MegaChulbul

    i? love this drama n marina khan <3 love her cuz she is simply amazeing <3

  • MegaChulbul

    i love this? drama n marina khan <3

  • KtnClan

    haha.? me too!

  • kumarvasant

    this drama created best ? doctors out of pakistan.s

  • muhammadnazim121

    i litterly cried? out at 4.46 to 5.46 …just tears came to my eyes which zoya replied to his father.

  • muhammadnazim121

    Look? at the way zoya speaks at 3.47 to 4.07 simply new standard of sayings

  • muhammadnazim121


  • shoaibchughtai

    very nice? drama!