Ptv Drama Dhoop Kinare Part 14/56

Ptv drama Dhoop Kinare starring Rahat Kazmi, Marina Khan, Badar Khalil, Qazi Wajid, Arshad Mahmood, Sajid Hassan, Lateef Kapadia, Ishrat Hashmi & Rizwan Wasti etc

  • fragrantsoul19

    I liked that too? and i can relate so much to it. I go home in a similar van daily,sitting exactly where she sits,watching all this traffic passing by.Pakistan is still the same.

  • Fabulousfive123

    @fragrantsoul19 u r rite.. Mujhy lagta hai? in jumlon k bina medical life mukammal nahi

  • trupkar

    yes~and a bit of amitabh, bit? of dilip kumar….but whoever it is, he looks GOOD!

  • Abhijay Agarwal

    Dr. Ahmer resembles? Bollywood actor Rajendra Kumar

  • Amruta Kakkar

    really……? grt?

  • Ana Khan

    love he drama its my most fav drama in the world <3 more then anyother film or show i have been watching this drama over n over love marina khan n rahat kazmi feel like kajol copies marina khan alot but marina khan is? only one n there cant be another marina khan love her n god bless her <3

  • anamings1

    i lke rahat kazmi alot? my favourite!!!!!! love him alot!!!

  • fragrantsoul19

    i’m also a medical student…..uff ye jumle kitne sun’ne parte hen…..”aap jis profession men hen wahan ghaltiyan moat ban jati hen”…..bla? bla bla..

  • MrR12K

    You are so right. This yellow van scene? has been my favourite one too, all these years!

  • 83pharmacist

    hey mind ur language!every one has right? 2 speak!mjy acha ni laga so bol dia!

  • MegaChulbul

    love? the drama marina khan is awesum love her <3

  • MegaChulbul

    u r absoulty sick dude get ur self completly checked this is an epic drama the best drama in the? world ok

  • 83pharmacist

    baaykaar dramma,time waste

  • chantlelace

    where is the part where dr sheena makes dr ahmar realizes he is in love..???

  • parshiwal887

    it was aired? in 1987-88……. i was a kid then,… still miss pakistan of those days

  • bmrizvi

    waahhhh yar.. kya amazing dialouges? hain @ 0:54sec

  • Khwaab

    I love it when you get to see the “real” world,? the city in the dramas. Just watch the scene when she goes back home in the yellow van….Pakistan some years ago, jab mulk mein aaraam thaa.

  • rosylucy7

    beutiful? words and acting