PAK ARMY Drama: Alpha Bravo Charlie – Part 6

Pakistan’s BEST MILITARY DRAMA EVER: ABC (Alpha Bravo Charlie are the names of three companies in the PAK ARMY). As requested, this drama is with English Subtitles, so you Ex-Pats can also enjoy it as much as we do :-) Watch Lt.FARAZ, Lt.KASHIF and the one and only Lt.GULSHER have adventures of their own. Any one interested in seeing how life is in the PAKISTAN ARMY, then this is the Drama to watch! Or If any one is interested in asking some Questions to one of the stars starring in the Drama such as SHAHNAZ and SANDRA then join the group “Alpha Bravo Charlie People” and ask your questions to them Directly :-) Alpha Bravo Charlie People SINDHI HUM-BALOCHI HUM-PUNJABI HUM-PATHAN HUM AIK PARCHAM KAE NEECHAE PAK FAUJ KAE JAWAN HUM! ??????? ???? ??? Drama Courtesy:

  • nungleppam

    same? as with indian army …. same tradition remind me of my days .. loved the drama

  • rmsrabia21

    kashif? u were first crush of my life.. its an awessum drama .. wid lubly memories <3

  • aishamumtaz

    Scene b/w a son and? father , speechless

  • brav0alphA

    black uniform is for armerd core officers? and jawans.

  • hsnltf

    thats the uniform for armored division of pak army my friend.?

  • Mrsufyan22

    this is my favourite darama? of life…

  • umeriam

    can u tell me a? download me or something..?

  • yasirz143

    what an explanation of yaad? gaar tasveer ……thumbs up!!!!!!!

  • abadorable8

    luuuuuuvvvvvvv? this drama ….

  • MrFaisalnadeem

    they took 22 seconds?

  • usmankhan0009

    I will? be in hard water.,,, What will go of ur father….RofL

  • anammalikawan4

    mujhe yahan tk socks? ki smell a rhi he :-) and i had covered my nose

  • madeeha19991

    lolzzzzzzzzzz i will be in hard water what will go off u and father …….oye nai naii yeh nai that one hahahhahaa oye habisa hahah saving t for urself………oye sir jan daayoo tuwade honde hoye sade wari kis tarah aye g hhahhaha lolzzz

    awesome show thanks? alot for uploading!!

  • mundapakistani100


  • mundapakistani100


  • BilalNiazi123

    nice? nice drama

  • BilalNiazi123

    great drama? ever

  • iieza1

    its one of the best drama ever being made by PTV?

  • fafafafa145

    pakistan army is? the best!!!

  • shamsheri

    scene? from 6.27 till 7.45 lamoooooooo.
    v v funy lolzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  • wajahatalvi2003

    picture? on tank scne is the best

  • adeeleo

    suna hai aajkal botlon mein kakrooch aa? rahay hain,…lol

  • Farshoo

    omg? poorrrr soldierssss bechareeeeeee azzzzzzzz

  • arikcanady

    this was a great hit for ever…. jitni tareef karain kam hai… i saw FARAZ on tv this week on GEO TV in morning show and that show made me to watch this drama again… and am having much more great time waching this drama than? first time on tv 10 years ago ….. great memories…. THANX SO MUCH FOR UPLOADING THIS … GOD BLESS U

  • kalapanee

    chalo? phir gaye tabhai bootiyaan di!!! lmao..

  • fightingfalcon16

    No worries yar? :-)

  • adilsqureshi

    THanks for? the quick reply.

  • fightingfalcon16

    Yup thats? for the Tank crewmen!

  • adilsqureshi

    what’s with? the black uniform, are they for tank crewmen?

  • fakharisl

    Geonda roo Yara?