PAK ARMY Drama: Alpha Bravo Charlie – Part 3

Pakistan’s BEST MILITARY DRAMA EVER: ABC (Alpha Bravo Charlie are the names of three companies in the PAK ARMY). As requested, this drama is with English Subtitles, so you Ex-Pats can also enjoy it as much as we do :-) Watch Lt.FARAZ, Lt.KASHIF and the one and only Lt.GULSHER have adventures of their own. Any one interested in seeing how life is in the PAKISTAN ARMY, then this is the Drama to watch! Or If any one is interested in asking some Questions to one of the stars starring in the Drama such as SHAHNAZ and SANDRA then join the group “Alpha Bravo Charlie People” and ask your questions to them Directly :-) Alpha Bravo Charlie People SINDHI HUM-BALOCHI HUM-PUNJABI HUM-PATHAN HUM AIK PARCHAM KAE NEECHAE PAK FAUJ KAE JAWAN HUM! ??????? ???? ??? Drama Courtesy:

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    awesome at 00:48 , ha ha? ha

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    greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat daraama and? also actorssssssss :-)

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    Hahah I met this 2 IC on Hajj, he? looks the same!

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    mini? C130 :D

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    hahahahaha the halwai scene is awesome!? unforgettable!

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    true acting by all 3, real time? acting

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    hilarious :D …………?

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    Ghazwa-e-hind? is here.

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    hahahaha bethay bethay 2 hazaar rupees? bana liay

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    the? 2ic is a dangerous man!

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    Amazing serial… I luv dis…:)?

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    Best thing about this drama is ACTING …each n every character is so well performed , loved 2ic? sahab’s n faraz scene !!!

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    6? Indians watched this ;)


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    Gulshair is so cute? :D

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    lolzzzz kaun? eh tunnnnnn…….ak wari tu ethi ah far wakhi mein teri bhabhi an ya bhanwaiya ah ….hahahahhaah best show so far!!!

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    one of the bestest drama? ever… :D

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    Amazing!! its really great! one of? the best dramas

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    bichara faraaz…uske paese? khara hai dusra aadmi lol

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    vvvvvvvvvvv good job shoaib mansoor ji meri wish h? ke main in se miloINSHAHALLAH….

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    Funny? Scenes at the start

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    thats what u call intelligent? comedy..what a masterpiece.

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    lol? this is truely a masterpiece

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    brilliant piece of? art…theres no parallel

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    all this guys are real army officers and still they act like professional? actors. BRAVO BRAVO!!

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    very funny. i love? this drama

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    yes this? is one of the best drama in the histroy of ptv

  • cooldude4923

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    Thats? dialogue is priceless!!

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    LOL…poor? Faraz

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    ? ALLHA Bless u Brother.

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