PAK ARMY Drama: Alpha Bravo Charlie – Part 2

Pakistan’s BEST MILITARY DRAMA EVER: ABC (Alpha Bravo Charlie are the names of three companies in the PAK ARMY). As requested, this drama is with English Subtitles, so you Ex-Pats can also enjoy it as much as we do :-) Watch Lt.FARAZ, Lt.KASHIF and the one and only Lt.GULSHER have adventures of their own.

  • fizaya1

    lol? :D

  • citycentregreen

    great drama. where r these chracters? . why don;t we see these faces anymore?

  • iieza1

    love? to watch it again after soo many years

  • MUStafA KHAn

    No Match To? Pakistani Dramas

  • Khaameer

    This Iz 1 Of? Da Best Pak TV Showz Ever…..

  • Waqas ud din Bhatti

    What happened to Shaheer from? Sunheray din??? Guys I am curious, hurry uppp :))

  • waleedgilani

    yaaaaaaar ye drama mujha mera bachpan yaad dela detha hai….lols drama 9 baje hotha tha or hum? log 8 baje beth jathe the ………kia din the yaar

  • leohashmi

    It is? really a nice play, PAKISTANI ARMY is the best. A very cultured play i wish they make more plays like these. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD

  • 487dude

    i jus love that drama n i ll? never forget to watch when im free. geo pakistan. usman

  • ijazshafique

    me jab bi is drama ko dekhta hoon mery? andar jazba hubul watni taza ho jata hai

  • thesetup85

    Poor Faraz….?

  • 6103221

    i? love it

  • willi2pk

    i like? it

  • raperokam

    Nice? Drama

  • osanama11

    khabeees? hahaha

  • heykellie

    That tank thing was too? much!! :D

  • ArishaG


    Thank u thank? u thank u thank u.

  • PakWing16

    hahahha…this clip is a beautiful illustration? of the humour in uniform,infact new offciers get an unforgettable welcome:-)

  • zyxw86

    i heard dat they paint the trees so no keeraas/watever crawl? up cuz the paint stinks or smthn :S..

  • pakoq

    really? nice drama

  • ashazadi

    trees…hahaa my mom was a gov’t high school teacher in pak n all trees were painted? white w/a red line over there too, so i guess its not just the army, dont know y….

  • zaindy87

    hahaha the adjudant is evil!? and yeah, i’ve grown up on PAF bases across Pakistan and even there they paint trees white/red.

  • F17thunder

    Whats CMS??? & Naaa maaan mujnoon77 is WRONG,its nevr been a tradition since da British days!!!!Da stripe above da white is usually Red in colour,i remembr? seeing tree’s with a Red Stripe ven i last went to PAK!but im 100% sure tat da stripe above da white does not reflect da regiment colours maaan!

  • Yaiyasmin

    Thanks mujnoon :)

    I meant CMS though (not HMS)?

  • Yaiyasmin

    Haha I like the tea part! A question: why do they paint the trees white? (at 3:03)? I saw that at HMS too…

  • sheedapastol

    best? drama ..really