PAK ARMY Drama: Alpha Bravo Charlie – Part 1

Pakistan’s BEST MILITARY DRAMA EVER: ABC (Alpha Bravo Charlie are the names of three companies in the PAK ARMY). As requested, this drama is with English Subtitles, so you Ex-Pats can also enjoy it as much as we do :-) Watch Lt.FARAZ, Lt.KASHIF and the one and only Lt.GULSHER have adventures of their own. Any one interested in seeing how life is in the PAKISTAN ARMY, then this is the Drama to watch! Or If any one is interested in asking some Questions to one of the stars starring in the Drama such as SHAHNAZ and SANDRA then join the group “Alpha Bravo Charlie People” and ask your questions to them Directly :-) Alpha Bravo Charlie

  • hammadthegreat

    hello, i appreciate you kind words and i feel sorry for your loss, but you gotta understand that? soldiers only follow the orders of corrupt army generals.

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  • TheRaza027

    just? owsum

  • naveedpaki9

    one of the best sequel any? one ever made

  • Saad Ahmed

    watching this drama? makes me join army ,,, and die as a proud of paksitan.

  • fayzeekhan786

    i? like it…

  • 5555umer

    now its? 11

  • freesia239

    may Allah? protect him and every single soldier of the great Pak Army

  • freesia239

    i miss my husband so much every time i watch this play .. only if all these? people criticizing the army would know how much our soldiers n their families have to let go for the sake of protecting this country

  • shahzeb634

    Nawbzada Prince Malik Muhammad Ata Khan…… Nice? pesnality…………….

  • fragrantsoul19

    Love Old? PTV, Love Pakistan , Love Pak Army.

  • TheXexxo

    ahh old? memories :)

  • zubzuppp

    kia yad diladya dost. Lahore…school…roz 8 se 9 drama daikhna. What good days

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  • diljaly83

    pak? army the best.

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  • musaub7


  • FuriousLions

    Pakistan? Zindabad!!!!

  • Mrtabix2

    i love this drama and? pak army

  • imfaizzi

    10 Indians dislike this drama.?

  • gangupnow

    Ghazwa-e-hind? is here.

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  • ZeeGondal1

    is jesa drama na kabi dekha? hai or shayad na kabi dekh sakhen gai
    great great drama