Pahpa Aya Pakistan (Pothwari Drama) full

  • aftabxt

    What’s wrong with the sound after 45 minute mark? No point in watching? it then.

  • aftab hayat

    i like this very? very much.

  • mygrandfather

    Mein punjabi nu? fir abad kardavaga .

  • mygrandfather

    Its Same like punjabi?

  • jawadrdx1234

    Good i like? this

  • massivemak

    very good and dramatic exceptional ending, lovely scenery reminds me? of my time in phothoare, nice clean drama, the kusara at the end was not needed that really spoiled everything.
    funny scenes and dialogs hero and zero bhoth khoob :).

  • jabar hussain


  • jabar hussain

    koi darama charhoi bi banalo? yaar.ache city hai…………..bye

  • friendsmehfil

    Most enjoyable, most wonderful, excellent? story, great acting, creative direction, perfect ending, fine presentation of colourful Pothwar landscape, fantastic family movie to be remembered for years to come. Million congratulation for such an artistic production. Warm regards, friendsmehfil