Mara Sona England – New Pothwari Drama Full [HD]

Starring: Shazada Ghaffar, Shanaz Khan, Nighat Butt, Muhammad Aftab, Shafina Patel, Khawar Azeem, Sarfaraz Kamla, Khizr Hayat, Hafiz Afzal, Insaa, Ahmad Shakeel, Shujaat Khan, Shazia Bhatti, Farzana Patel, Saaj Ali, Sajid Khan, Mehtaab Shujaat, Imtiaz Pappu, Ayub Jack, Asif Aasi & More Comment, Like, Share & Subscribe!

  • rajaabid437


  • Kay I

    Thanks but all the versions I find are the traditional ones, not the one in? this drama’s soundtrack. Any ideas which version it is or a possible link to it?

  • Kashmiri Prince

    Allah hoo is a Kalam by? Bulleh Shah and sung by Sain Zahoor.

  • Kay I

    Did anyone figure out who sang that Allah Hoo? Allah Hoo song???

  • zaazi123

    bande ne bachiyan ki milo teh bande milne ghalazat vich phiro teh gand? hi milna

  • Jawad Man


  • 786bham

    Wat a? nice drama loved ebery min

  • Mohammadh Khan

    These dramas finish hastily,nice story.the boyfriend looked like a mangy and the mangy like a Brit,mind? you HE EARNED HIS VISA.

  • watanaugust47

    Uk is? like a punisment………………all desease type charactor normal there

  • watanaugust47

    When i lived UK : i saw aloot of people came with craz ………..after 6 month they fet up but only those happy who settled ? ……….belong very lower class or family………….. perdas is very harsh
    when she throw away his bag this is a normal routine of that forign body culture…….
    they think they are now advance…………….But actually they deeply gone in bottom

  • ayaz khan

    veery nice? drama i like that ayaz khan from peshawar pakistan

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  • xzoyaxx


  • xzoyaxx

    Dere only cum here to look after their parents back home.dere don’t care for? us.

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  • MrNaim706

    Pinki said right u get the stay?

  • MrNaim706

    Fresher wants to come to england?


    i call people like uncle who spend all their life here in uk doing work and not giving time to their childs
    i call them chooray .they are chooray of uk gorray treet them chooray on wor and when their kids growns up they treet them like chooray? in english yaadis


    this is reality @ .011.38

  • molvicorleone

    everyone of these fucking mirpuri dramas are the same BS, about rishtay. Kanjar logh, they have nothing? else in their lives.

  • solitaryromeo

    the hero is from desi? express, nottingham lol.

  • janoo612

    pinki good look and beuti

  • janoo612

    i? laik this vedio

  • Edam3000

    Lighting? and make-up ;)

  • Mr54RKY


  • The2010Review

    This is a idiot film about a desperate parent who only care? about one thing and nothing else.,

  • badshah groop

    HAhahahahahaha i love kashmir?

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  • 786chilly

    she is a bitch,her mom is kajri,and her dad is a? dlaa.

  • 786chilly

    34:29 sexy poze.?

  • ZiG06

    Does Anyone know the name of the track at? 57:15 ??

  • Mohammed Asif

    Nice one, Pothwari Films KEEP IT UP!
    & Lughar? Lughar hi resiya!!!
    V got a Lughar in our town ere as well but the difference? is our Lughar is a Nowl in reality!!!!!

  • TheAmirM

    yaar he was looking nice? in hair

  • TheAhmedrauf

    in british? larkio ko samjao pkistani pakistani hota ha

  • bullboys66

    nice work bro . .? .
    keep it up . . .

  • aliabba64

    acha drama he? jeda logar buhat acah he

  • madman4687

    pinki? is hot

  • sonuaujla

    49.15 to? 52.30 very funny

  • Teri Yaad45

    Shazada Ghaffar, Shanaz Khan, Nighat Butt, Muhammad Aftab,?

  • alkings96

    nice? song

  • ja77755555

    pinki is sexy whats her real? name?
    where she from?

  • maliksam90

    i like this song? very niec

  • MegaHiddentruth

    nice work