Mangetars In Trouble – New Pothwari Drama Full [HD]

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  • NAVAA2006

    tha gori luks lyk a crackhead? lmao

  • TheKashmirilion



  • affy45

    you dumb bastard the USA is a super power and the only superpower in the world which part of that dont you? understand. so every other country who sticks with USA is nothing without USA

  • Mohammadh Khan

    Pothwari is? NOT MIRPURI…it’s GUJARKHAN district….

  • TheKashmirilion

    USA roul pakistan with out USA pakistan is nothing who is? beghrat and who is harami
    third world ppl third class thinking

  • TheKashmirilion

    i am proud to be kashmiri no india no? pak

  • zaheermughal561

    Bro? all british asian Pakistani ok I love my Pakistan

  • Waqas Ali

    bro? we are Pakiz

  • bhampakithugz

    Lol dse galz gave up at da end. Al dt shitty attitude we’re isit nw? Lolz learn sum respect?

  • undercovereye1

    laal passport?

  • munda manipuriya

    Well i have nothing against Mirpur because it is still a part of Pakistan and it is named Azaad Kashmir cause its Azaad from India and not Pakistan, if it was then you would have your own nationality and not Pakistani Passports but Azaad Kashmir Passports and dont get me wrong iam only telling you the fact my? friend. All the cement ,iron girders for homes,all the rice,wheat,food etc etc still come from Pakistan Punjab because thats where the great farm lands are to grow, RESPECT to AZ- KASHMIR

  • AyC786

    I believe it’s Kouser… Didn’t personally like her for obvious reasons but must say? she’s a very good actress!! :L

  • TheKashmirilion

    thesha7122. lagta ha koi mirpuri tary gand mar gaya? .chutya gandoo jaa

  • TheKashmirilion

    end of the day we? are british pakistani thats y white ppl call us pakiz

  • Omar55782

    1:12:33 damn look at? her id hit that

  • Omar55782

    really whats? her name ?

  • AyC786

    The lady whom plays the mother? in law @ 25:55 – 30:04?

  • Ifra Mahroof

    whos? ya dads ex??

  • AyC786

    My Dad’s Ex Is? In This Film :O LMAO

  • MrNKHAN786

    No one cares about their roots these days…all of the British Pakistani ppl are living here wiv goray? nicknames and slagging off Pakistan.

  • inqalabi041190

    N u r touching the high moral values? by giving such an abusive comment.Take it.

  • saexm

    The one? that calls that a guy a freshie lol ha ha she can barely talk English herself

  • TheShah7122

    baghairat? mirpori.behaya hyn.gandus all

  • missasi1994

    Love this ! :)
    Please upload lots more videos which have half? the filming done in england.

  • rozyvr6

    Typical…. Dirty pakis fighting against each other! Bunch of? in-breads!!

  • sangnakkah

    the mum look? younger than the daughter

  • sangnakkah

    the mum look younger than the daughter ?

  • missasi1994

    a realli gud film!
    keep it up and make more dramas that include the england? and pakistan senario.

  • SKNDRtheeGREAT72


  • Shahzad Khan

    some people do like that but that are fuckin belong to pakistan at mirpur? but otherwise dont treat same like them. they are getting benefit and behave like a uneducated peoples because they dont have knowledge any thing that belong to decorum.they dont know there old history when they left the pakistan. so shame on all mirpur peoples.

  • amdanish123

    its boshit its not happend like? this all pakistani lier

  • H4rryy

    where do you get your information from ?? probably your own rear end.. stop believing your own rubbish. its? funny how you try and preach Islam using ALLAH (swt) name and in the same paragraph you use the F word.. some respect you have. using the F word and Allah’s name is the same paragraph.. you really are proving to us that you are a real uneducated disrespectful individual.. this is my last reply as you most defiantly are not worth my time..

  • H4rryy

    1960 hahahaha its not what it was then it what it is now a failing Airline, that is run by corrupt officials.. extorting people ripping them off, a flight to India from the UK is £250 a flight to Pakistan from the UK is £700 and the distance is the same. PIA is a fraud. the only reason the Pakistani gov are not granting permission for an Airport in Mirpur is Kashmiri ppl? will stop using PIA and PIA will go BUST! they force us to go via Islamabad so we pay pakistan taxes etc…

  • H4rryy

    and this hate you have is evident in the statements you say against us… you are not worth my time but i felt I had to set the record strait, Mirpuri people are ahead of the majority of the Pakistani population in wealth, health, education, basic living standards etc, by the Grace of Allah we will continue to do well and you hating Pakistani’s can say all the rubbish you like about it just proves more that your a racist, hate full, vile excuse for? a human being who cannot except our success.

  • H4rryy

    Well let me tell you how? it really is.. Pakistan occupies Kashmir just like India does, Mirpur was ignored by the PAK gov, no infrastructure, no money lack of healthcare and education so our people had the initiative and brains to emigrate to seek a better future, Now the same people you all laughed at are 20 years ahead of you Pakistani’s nearly all Mirpuris R now university educated professionals with many businesses and respected jobs and you Pakistani’s are jelouse of our success. FACT !!!

  • H4rryy

    Oh really, so you think people from? Mirpur, Kashmir are uneducated.. well let me educate you some what, if it wasn’t for the foreign investment mirpuri people bring to Pakistan the Pakistani rupee would have collapsed along time ago, if it wasn’t for the frequent travel to Mirpur by the world wide Mirpuri community the Pathetic airline you so love P.I.A would have went into administration along time ago. And Yes we do want freedom from both India and Pakistan so if anyone is uneducated it is you

  • massivemak

    ha ha ha zindabad only if endings where like this in real life.

    stop complaining no body forced you to watch.?

  • mushushushu99


  • mushushushu99

    fucku? ryasir kabba tatta