Dur e Shahwar Last Episode HumTv Drama

The plot revolves around Shandana and Hyder who have been married for eight years but are now having problems in their marriage. Shandana goes to Murree with her daughter to spend the holidays with her parents, Durreshehwar and Mansoor. She cannot help envying her mother who has a devoted husband and is very happy, and subconsciously keeps comparing her husband with her father — until she learns that life is never a bed of roses and her mother’s happiness didn’t come easy. Cast: Qavi Khan, Samina Pirzada, Noman Ijaz, Nadia Jamil, Sanam Baloch, Mohammad Ahmad Director: Haissum Hussain Writer: Umera Ahmad Production: Momina Duraid

  • Sami Takieddin


  • gpajmd

    true.. because in humsafar there was touch of conspiracies and etc… but here it was really? the normal problems which every family faces… and the best is we must not share the problem if we cant handle our self.

  • gpajmd

    really awesom.. must? say elimante the thinking of fairy and ideology…

  • sikandar shah

    too beautiful drama .and fantastic performance? by sanam baloch

  • Ajabgul1000

    ur thinking is? same as me

  • Faizan Durrani

    NyX BuT? MaTeen kA KiA HuA

  • sabster786

    Truths? of life.
    The drama was too sloww but i think should have mention abt saud n mateen too b4 the end.
    Too gud anywayz.

  • talalbtt

    Awesum grtttt?

  • MsMaryam13

    Deeply Moving!!
    Thumbs up!!?
    Seriously awesome!!!! :)

  • cnppian

    great drama seriel



    My fav drama? ever…..

  • fbfaraz

    abay mateen ka kia? hoa?

  • Ahmad Yousaf

    awesome soap tha…..?

  • Sana Jarral

    wow loved the drama and the concept of it
    its too beautiful to see the? relations so close so deep and so loving

  • Syeda Samarah Zaidee

    my fav drama realy better than humsafr…but i guess its noe? publisize accordingly

  • HealthtvPakistan

    BOHT AALA ….

  • 30ruba

    wasn’t 15th episode last episode ?