Watch Bari Aapa Ep1 Hum Tv Drama

Watch HumTv Drama Bari Aapa Episode 1

Story of a rigid and brave woman who has won the title of Bari Aapa in her family. Her husband is afraid of her but has married behind her back. Her daughter…

  • logan sharif

    so that if story’s not gud then u save a? lots of precious time by not viewing the whole thing….simple

  • nayyab zafar

    choti nand ki figure? is to die for…..soooooo awesome very well-maintained.

  • Jenny jenna

    hhmm? nice

  • Rabia Noor

    true based stories kun? nahe bunaye jaten why all channels make darama on fantasy & glamorize …

  • starchazzzer

    such a beautiful title song! Tina Sani sounds as melodious as ever! can you upload the whole song PLEASE!!!!?

  • sanafrq

    Aapne trailer main hi batadiya keh Baari Appa’s husband has married Ayesha Khan. And then Madiha Maliha? main keh Maliha ka love interest likes Madiha. Drama dekhne ka kia fiada jab sab kuch trailer main dikh ja ta hai? There’s no suspense left.

  • Hum Tv

    Thats not whole description?

  • Phis addi

    no, no its ok to give summary of the drama in the description, coz it enables ppl like us living abroad? to make a choice of watching the drama or not without wasting our time watching 1 or 2 episodes to decide that!

  • sanafrq

    Why? do you guys always give the whole description and show the whole story in the trailers??