Azizi Meera (English) Hasb e Haal, http Azizi as Meera in Eid Special Hasb e Haal.

  • VoundedHeart

    coz of? Meera too

  • Ejaz Ahmed

    pata nehi,,, albata muj se karsakte? ho

  • shamk9

    :O she has the most amazing laugh ever, makes me laugh too?

  • umme habiba

    interestins 32 batti? meera waoooooooooooo

  • diversemr

    really appreciate your? attention dear. it should be 800k…. Thanks anyway…

  • sdtrq91

    bro 8k means (eight thousand) not lacs?

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  • Taifoor Minhas

    hahha.very? nice

  • ahsanmasood11

    RIP English….? O_O

  • faisal7872

    nice funny? video

  • Abe na jao

    wow awesome azizi?

  • PakistanNewsChannel

    Bhai Jan kya mein say contact kar? sakta houn

  • nitigugu

    just love this show… believe it or not. i am hindu livivng in australia working 7 days a week bt somehow i manages time to watch hasb e haal? daily…. AZIZI ROCKS…..

  • diversemr

    I believe this is the First ever Azizi? (Sohail Ahmed) video on web which got +8k (8Lakhs) hits in less than a year time. Thanks to all viewers who made this possible. diversemr

  • diversemr

    Thank? you

  • PakistanNewsChannel

    congrate for 8 lac veiws?

  • Xelia ork

    this show is the best? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaa

  • muzammal691

    i like your acting.

  • Adil Khalil

    azizi g tosi great? o

  • Salman Khan

    asa e sari pakistani? ko hasta rahi

  • Salman Khan

    sooooooooooooooooooooooo nice? sooooooooooo loly

  • diversemr

    Thanks for? you viewing and comments… keep them coming…

  • Ali72684

    WOA!!! najia iz? really beautiful

  • kiryurikzah

    don’t say it like that i think that woman is very? beautiful and plus she can’t control her laugh that’s all

  • drjozy007

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  • wahash316

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  • imdbstar

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  • ghous36

    Great azize sab?

  • 7266574

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