Ashk – Episode 1

Watch Ashk – Geo Tv Drama Episode 1

  • ruchi kapoor

    awesome drama.each character has performed wonderfully.exclnt story.only in d end 1 episode cud hav? been there showing ruhail n zebu together.wud hav been a satisfying end as we were quite tensed towards d end.

  • shaheen khan

    Reesham u have done great job in this drama.? very decent and super.

  • shaji parakandam

    should definitely view? this video clips prior to going on a journey

  • Manaal Siddiqui

    @PurpleOrchid254 Oh my freaking gosh? Npt everyone tries to take the obscene meaning out of everything. You should remember that before you jump to conclusions
    no offense given or taken here :)
    It’s great to know there are other people out there who also dont appreciate obscenity?

  • PurpleOrchid254

    They are not mosques. They are mizaars where some so called saint is buried. Once a man’s donkey died & he was so sad as he used it to earn a living. He sat there depressed? by his donkey’s grave & became unkempt & unshaven. People started leaving him food &money. One day some criminals suggested turning the grave into a mizaar to make money. So they spread the word that the grave belongs to a saint & people started praying there. The mizaar was destroyed in the Pak earthquake. Allahu Akbar!

  • PurpleOrchid254

    They are lost brother. This very qawali contains shirk. May Allah guide them.?

  • PurpleOrchid254

    You a Muslim and saying the f word with God’s name? I am trying to contain my anger? for Allah’s sake. It’s better you edit your post straight away.

  • 006Twilight


  • AMANAA1000

    is drama main resham ko layna? ka kya faida

  • Ramir Khan

    what a hell,shafqat chima? n resham yuck

  • Ramir Khan

    astaghfirullah,sonia gahndi ne theek kaha tha k hm to pathar ke button ko poojte hain or tum yahni muslims qabar me lete murde ko? poojte ho,astaghfirullah

  • sajjad rasool

    serial muje buhut pasand? hai….leken jab ye baba darbaar wegera daiko,..muje khairani se hoti hair ispar…… india ke mandar ke tarah ye loog be sherk kartai hai……ye sab kia hai….itnay educated people….aur itna backward rasam

  • Dabeer Malik

    i hate resham…. usay kis nay kaha k wo acting kar sakti? hai…. bodhi…

  • zaib mian

    kya bakwaas ha dikhaya mazaar hai aur ghana hai indian aur wo b raam ka? naam does not make sense

  • Mumsiken

    That is so true when I was living? in Pakistan all I knew was that somehow all these things were religious on the other hand you would read literature condemning these things so much conflition on my young mind at that time I moved to Canada and fortunate enough to find out about islam the way it is ….

  • Manaal Siddiqui

    omfg plz tell me this cousin? he is marrying is not resham she is like sooo old eeeekkk

  • MrFalcon2001

    its not exactly what u say in all the cases mostly i feel? it’s we don’t want to follow exact way and rules of Islam which is difficult to follow keeping the modern style of living and call it modernism . but ppl dont feel shame on it.

  • Seestranger Sameer

    kash es serial mein resham na hoti agar koi aur hota tu? behter thi

  • zaam dajma

    i live in india and i have seen many temples and dargahs. and i find no difference between the two. whereas there is a world of difference between a mosque and a dargah? (a.k.a temple). no offence to anyone. just stating the obvious.

  • lubblymeeru

    lol i didnt get what was? there to laugh about so much in the convo between tipu n fawad on the bench :P

  • yamlark


  • Ayeshak87

    i think media shud play its? role and educate people about these rituals

  • Ayeshak87

    its sad that our society doesnt even try to get knowledge about islam. We are following rituals of this society thinking and believing them to be islamic , which is very sad. Even very educATed people donot bother to learn about our religion, which results in such practices as singing and dancing at dargahs, manaaatain mangna , and us wali ya sufi ya buzarg sey mangna.? Unho ny sari zindagi islam phailanay main laga di but afsos log unislamic tareekay phir bhi nai chortay

  • zooni35

    i love? fawad khan

  • Tariq Mehmood

    mehru rockxxxxxxxxssssss?

  • Komal Khan

    it is? ok, nothign special

  • amina ali

    kaash is serial mein resham na hoti? ……..

  • Hina Javed

    humsafar ki tarhan hes getting married to his cousin that he doesn’t even know, he thinks he’s just “friends” with this girl that’s developing feelings for him.? AND he drinks coffee with no sugar in it. ashar and rohail are so similar, WOW what a coincidence!!!

  • Hina Javed

    hahahah yahaan bhi fawad? ka yehi scene hai

  • Baseer Haqqie

    neelum? is so beautiful…..!!!!!!!!!