Aangan Tehra (Ptv Comedy Drama) 9/29

Drama – Aangan Tehra Cast – Bushra Ansari, Shakeel, Salim Nasir, Arshad Mahmood, Durdana Butt, Latif Kapadia Directed – Qaiser Farooq Written – Anwar Maqsood The story revolves around a servant, Akbar (Salim Nasir), previously a classical dancer, working at the house of a retired civil servant Mehboob Ahmed (Shakeel) and his wife Jehan Ara Begum (Bushra Ansari). Mehboob Ahmed regularly seeks Akbar’s advice on different matters, often with hilarious results. Arshad Mehmood playing the role of Chaudhry Sahib (Mehboob Ahmed’s neighbor) is one of the trump cards of the play. His typical chaudhry accent and the way Akbar tries to imitate him is a source of much amusement. A host of prominent guest stars such as Moin Akhtar, Film star Lehri, Alamgir, Subhani Younus & Anwar Maqsood also add to the appeal of the play. Although there is so much on offer, the highlight of the serial without doubt is Jehan Ara’s ranter- the interactions that take place between Jehan Ara & Akbar with Mehboob Ahmed acting as a biased (towards Akbar) mediator between the two- one will want to watch these scenes over & over again.

  • hiradangz23

    If you’ve found it yourself? please share it with me as well. I’ve been searching for it since long.

  • TheNovicedreamer

    Jo Keha? The Mene Such Tha
    Jo Suna Tha , Wo Nahi Tha !
    6:40 to 7:20 What an touche character !

  • rahulsargot

    yaar nasir sahab ki acting be misaal hai – hindustan? se salaam !

  • heray005

    anyone has link? of thumri at 09:10
    kindly share

  • dovelove932

    aala :)))))))))))?

  • MrSadeel786

    putter? poet… hahahaha

  • AhadVedux1984

    main yahaan se chala? jata hoon…& he actually did

  • MultiMaria5555

    bibi address…….seedhi per? se kood jayey

  • AhadVedux1984

    teray firaaq mein ghariyaan guzarna mushkil………yun zulf? bhikri k isko sanwarna MUSHKAL!!! the great Anwar Maqsood :)

  • linkup1298

    SALIM NASIR and Moeen Akhter !? May Allha Give u highest maqaam in Jannat ! … AMIN .. .legends !

  • Waleed Ahmed

    Moin akhtar is such? a legend! when he died ( may Allah rest his soul in peace ) i was not believing till a month that we loose moin akhtar! :( i really miss him!

  • adilumer

    mehboob ahmed ko akhbaar main wrap kar? ke ribbon baandh dain lol

  • Ahmad Khan

    and moin akhter tooo?

  • ahmad5ism

    i thot tu nein akbar likha hai

  • ahmad5ism

    oh acha i thot tu bongiyan? mar raha hai

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    Kya takleef hui bhai aapko?? Kiss sulemani keeray ne apko kaata jo yeh ghalti sarzad hui aapse??

    Bhai kya YouTube pe videos mute kar k dekhte ho?? Ya sirf yeh drama??

    2:53 mark? pe jaaker sun lo… wohi likha tha maine. :)

  • ahmad5ism

    dafa? ho jao aur bongiyan marna band kar

  • hiradangz23

    Can someone help with the song that’s playing towards? the end?

  • imfaizzi

    “Mehboob Ahmed ko akhbar may? pack kar ke ribbon bandh dain???”


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  • Farhanmabani

    Best? Drama Ever

  • derwaish007

    good? drama

  • Waleed Ahmed

    waqai, Pata nahii Allah? Naik logon ko jaldii kion utha leta hai =(

    I MISS YOU, SALIM NASIR =( , u were such an amazing and brilliant artist eve born in history .. in the world !! i miss you !

  • pisces1972able

    chaudhary sahab ye kiya PUTAR PUTAR laga rakhe hai? SIMPLY AWESOME

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  • syedbilalzafar

    If by Akhtari begum you mean Begum Akhtar, then i think its not her cuz i’ve searched for it and so? far have come across nothing. But thanks anyway :)

  • deendeendeendeen

    I think its Akhtari begum?

  • gerrycock

    i love this? drama

  • syedbilalzafar

    Brilliant show. I have a query if anyone could help me with it I’d be very grateful. At 9:10 theres an old song being played on the gramophone, if anyone knows the title of that song or its singer,? please do let me know.

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    can’t be better than this.
    Awesome urdu drama?

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    putter? poet..lol..hilarious !!

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    such a? lovely play