Aangan Tehra (Ptv Comedy Drama) 6/29

Drama – Aangan Tehra Cast – Bushra Ansari, Shakeel, Salim Nasir, Arshad Mahmood, Durdana Butt, Latif Kapadia Directed – Qaiser Farooq Written – Anwar Maqsood The story revolves around a servant, Akbar (Salim Nasir), previously a classical dancer, working at the house of a retired civil servant Mehboob Ahmed (Shakeel) and his wife Jehan Ara Begum (Bushra Ansari). Mehboob Ahmed regularly seeks Akbar’s advice on different matters, often with hilarious results. Arshad Mehmood playing the role of Chaudhry Sahib (Mehboob Ahmed’s neighbor) is one of the trump cards of the play. His typical chaudhry accent and the way Akbar tries to imitate him is a source of much amusement. A host of prominent guest stars such as Moin Akhtar, Film star Lehri, Alamgir, Subhani Younus & Anwar Maqsood also add to the appeal of the play. Although there is so much on offer, the highlight of the serial without doubt is Jehan Ara’s ranter- the interactions that take place between Jehan Ara & Akbar with Mehboob Ahmed acting as a biased (towards Akbar) mediator between the two- one will want to watch these scenes over & over again.

  • Muneeb58

    I hear what you say and agree,but I believe that media has responsibility of improving the taste of the public and to educate them.Like they must conduct quality mushera ,Adabi dramas, programs like Kasoti and so on to make them edict of? quality.The sad fact is that these kind of programs are completely missing.

  • MatrixOfDynamism

    whos fault is that? Its the possible that affect what media shows. Its a closed loop no doubt, but if people want? such things than there will be such things revived.

  • aafaaq gilani

    what a drama….epic,mindblowing.I have seen it more than 20 times? and never get bored……..i hope PTV makes such dramas again

  • Muneeb58

    Classic,but very sad in our media sirf kachra bikta? hai.

  • AhadVedux1984

    “bas? yun samajh lejiye malka-e-tetullafz hain”

  • Gulbakaoli

    Lollllllll is bandoooq se Dada Abba ne 2 bhateejay maaray thay? :D

  • xAna019

    Hahaha is ghusal khane mai sirf ghussa? ata hai :P

  • neduniversity98

    paani? pee ke ubala karen great lollllllllll

  • neduniversity98

    bushra ansari ,shakeel,moin akhtar ,anwar maqsood salim nasir alll are legendary of? pakistan.i really miss moin akhter may ALLAH rest his soul in peace

  • Asma Mansoor

    Kambakht Mulazim? hay ya BBC? lolzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AhadVedux1984

    besides the regular cast, this? is also has some really memorable cameos, even one by the writer Anwar Maqsood himself

  • KyokushinStudent

    Priceless skit. Moin Akhtar and Salim Nasir toe to toe! …May they both rest in eternal peace for the countless hours of laughs they gave us and continue to? give…

  • iamkhaliqueahmed

    The? legends of Pakistan!!

  • MultiB87

    Looking Like Shahrukh Khan Cheats Moin Akhtar,,The way He’s Smoking with fingers and he’s? speaking..alll ..

  • MultiB87

    Cigrette km pia krain..gul hOgay to kmry ka kiraya? kOn dy ga:D:D:D

  • Faraz Hasan Qazi

    Hahahaha can’t stop laughung ….? Hillorious

  • MyMekhan

    Great Moin Akhtar … And Salim Nazir?

  • Saad4590

    LOL…” Mulazzim ho yo? BBC”

  • ahmad5ism

    its? so coool!!!

  • galaxyurdu

    We Love you Moeen Akhtar.. Really missing you?

  • Aarianrais

    i? misss you Moin Akhtar Legends

  • imfaizzi

    Akber is outclass. He shuts up the opposition real? good. :D

  • optimist3188

    haha, paani pee ke ubaalaa karein … :)
    Chaye peeyein gey ya thandaa,
    Wo cheeze bana lein jis mein deir lagey … theek hai phir mein Fruit Cake bana ker laati hoon …? :) haha classic

  • ismaeel420

    AMAZING!!!! lol…?

  • mrzeeshan420

    i like this drama very? much