Aangan Tehra (Ptv Comedy Drama) 28/29

Drama – Aangan Tehra Cast – Bushra Ansari, Shakeel, Salim Nasir, Arshad Mahmood, Durdana Butt, Latif Kapadia Directed – Qaiser Farooq Written – Anwar Maqsood The story revolves around a servant, Akbar (Salim Nasir), previously a classical dancer, working at the house of a retired civil servant Mehboob Ahmed (Shakeel) and his wife Jehan Ara Begum (Bushra Ansari). Mehboob Ahmed regularly seeks Akbar’s advice on different matters, often with hilarious results. Arshad Mehmood playing the role of Chaudhry Sahib (Mehboob Ahmed’s neighbor) is one of the trump cards of the play. His typical chaudhry accent and the way Akbar tries to imitate him is a source of much amusement. A host of prominent guest stars such as Moin Akhtar, Film star Lehri, Alamgir, Subhani Younus & Anwar Maqsood also add to the appeal of the play. Although there is so much on offer, the highlight of the serial without doubt is Jehan Ara’s ranter- the interactions that take place between Jehan Ara & Akbar with Mehboob Ahmed acting as a biased (towards Akbar) mediator between the two- one will want to watch these scenes over & over again.

  • Yawar Khan

    ever green?

  • Shazi167

    ab k dramy tu sab naqliye haan koi india ki naqal kerta? hy koi usa ki….naqliyeee

  • MrNomiahmed

    @a4anum: well we can hav such dramaz….only problem is that our media is hijack n working on “other’s” interest…ye bikay hue log sirf galomour n traqqi kay name per sabko bewaqoof bana? rahay hain…culture tabah kerdiaa..aaj anwer maqsood, fatima surayya bajia… haseena moin ye sab kyu nahee likhtay….inko importance nahee di jatii….sponsor nahee miltaaa

  • reemanabeel

    old ptv dramaz were best……kash guzra? waqt wapis aa jaye…..:(

  • sunnykhan5

    this era was before dish antenna and cable .. the writers and directors were not at all influenced by indian tv .. we can? proudly say that this is a pure pakistani production .. now a days everything on pakistani media is a copy of indian or western programs ..

  • Javed Akber

    However, Anwar maqsood didnt take inflation into account … 470 does not please? people so much these days!

  • TheZahra1992

    asif raza mir…..handsome!!!!?

  • TheZahra1992

    wat an excellent way? to deal with a thief….

  • 487dude

    i love? my pakistan and its dramaz really rock……….

  • xombiessss

    i agree… a masterpiece it is?

  • Anum Hafeez

    i really dont think aisay dramay aaj ban saktay hain…with such deep meanings!!! awesome?

  • beeno82

    AWESOME? parts Of the DRAMA