Aangan Tehra (Ptv Comedy Drama) 13/29

Drama – Aangan Tehra Cast – Bushra Ansari, Shakeel, Salim Nasir, Arshad Mahmood, Durdana Butt, Latif Kapadia Directed – Qaiser Farooq Written – Anwar Maqsood The story revolves around a servant, Akbar (Salim Nasir), previously a classical dancer, working at the house of a retired civil servant Mehboob Ahmed (Shakeel) and his wife Jehan Ara Begum (Bushra Ansari). Mehboob Ahmed regularly seeks Akbar’s advice on different matters, often with hilarious results. Arshad Mehmood playing the role of Chaudhry Sahib (Mehboob Ahmed’s neighbor) is one of the trump cards of the play. His typical chaudhry accent and the way Akbar tries to imitate him is a source of much amusement. A host of prominent guest stars such as Moin Akhtar, Film star Lehri, Alamgir, Subhani Younus & Anwar Maqsood also add to the appeal of the play. Although there is so much on offer, the highlight of the serial without doubt is Jehan Ara’s ranter- the interactions that take place between Jehan Ara & Akbar with Mehboob Ahmed acting as a biased (towards Akbar) mediator between the two- one will want to watch these scenes over & over again.

  • AhadVedux1984

    this drama gives? you a feeling that you’re actually inside it, sitting in the same room with the cast…so realistic portrayal of a common middle class Pakistani household

  • AhadVedux1984

    03:58…he? said it…hum sab Saleem Nasir tumko bohat yaad kartey hain

  • Ridda Ahmed

    kon tuje yaad kare ga!!yahan koi? kisi ko yaad nahi karta!!!True or fact

  • jeffhardyisdabest100

    every one forget durdana but really nice? acting

  • parshiwal887

    lehri sahb in diabetic, one leg amputated, living without support in a flat? in karachi….. thats how we treat our heroes……..

  • parshiwal887

    mehengayee was? an issue even in early 80s…….

  • AhadVedux1984

    i really wished that there was a? sequel to aangan terha……but after the sad demise of Saleem Nasir & Moin Akhtar its not possible… because nobody else can take thier place.

  • justzain100

    aangan tedha in best drama serail in ptv history?

  • azmism

    waha wah? waha amaizing when he said councilor wo hota hai jo aik kan se sun k dosery kan se nikal dy haahahhaah weldon excellent speeches and dialog are great

  • azmism

    yes brother true aik din saab? yaad karain gay mark his words insaan kabhi kabhi aisy batain kar jata hai jo dil main aik ajeeb si halchal macha daiti hain bohat jaldi chala gya ye azzem insan aur is ki baat yaad rhe gai waha :(((((

  • ahmedz912

    The? person shown sitting in a chair at 9:45 is Anwar Maqsood!

  • ujgilani

    osum dualougs :'(
    “aik din hum bahir chalay jayein ge. phir sabb humein yaaaaad kerein ge” … koi? soch nahi sakta thaa yeh banda itni jaldee iss dunya se rooth jayega? :(

  • akbarvatao

    so true by Lehri “koi kisi ko yaad nai karta” recently? saw him in severe condition and nobody helped him in his illness

  • wajihailyas

    akbar? ix xo funy……..:D

  • lovehumanity67

    Best of pakistani Play ever with? xclant comady

  • devilis55555

    yar … aisee aisee batein ki hain Saleem Nasir ne? :( :( :( “aik din hum bahir chalay jayein ge. phir sabb humein yaaaaad kerein ge” … koi soch nahi sakta thaa yeh banda itni jaldee iss dunya se rooth jayega :(

  • AhadVedux84

    fried eggs with? red tomatoes

  • Usman Zulnorain

    very? nice play.

  • beeno82

    Very very? Good Comdey