33/33 — Dhuwan — PTV Drama — Complete

www.youtube.com DHUWAN – Pakistani Drama Serial (Queeta Center) A rather unique offering from PTV, considering that the play is based on a crack squad of four commandoes. Neat outdoor shooting, liberal use of ammunition to convey realism ( rather than the usual smokeless, flashless bangs with unrealistic recoils that we’re used to), all add to the high production values of the play. All characters (more film like than what we are used to in dramas) pack a lot of style and charisma. A must for people who enjoy good production values and direction and especially for those who are looking for something more from PTV than your run of the mill family centered plays. Cast: Ashar Azeem, Nazli Nasr, Nabeel, Rohi, Asal Din Khan, Wajid Ali Shah, Zubair Khan Achakzai, Mohamad Nawaz, Salman and Humayun Saeed

  • 007Asdi

    Outstanding drama that i? will never forget in my life

  • Khalid Khan

    Can’t hold up my? tears…..

  • Khalid Khan

    I’m Khalid from Australia. Just wanted to share? that whenever I watch this Drama it’s make me in Tear……
    I wish all the best for my beloved country and the people who work day and night for the people safety … The awake while other sleeping….
    Can’t write anymore as my tears……………………………………

  • Imran Meo

    ver very nice darama